The Skinny-Dip That Changed My Life!


Here’s a good one we got from Larry D: A few years back I invited my girlfriend Emma to come with us to our family lake cottage up in New York state. We had just finished our sophomore year in college and I remember we were both so excited to get out and enjoy some […]

Summer Skinny Dipping – Short Stories


Well, it seems everyone’s out skinny dipping this summer. We’ve been out a few times and it has been great. We’ve got a number of short stories people have sent in, so we’ll group them all together. If you have more, send them in! -Jen   From: Marc Subject: Skinny Dip in Atlantic This last […]

A Day at the Beach


Here’s a story from Grieg: Today I went downtown to get my mail, then immediately headed over to my favorite little clothing-optional beach. The whole day, I was the only one who was without clothes, and no one seemed to care or take notice. Several women were topfree; and there were a few dogs (not […]

Skinny Dipping Party


Here’s what happened at Bill’s wild party: I was hosting a party for my work. It originally was just a house party but I had a pool out back and it was hot outside. It was all my friends from work as well as their girlfriend/boyfriend or spouses. An hour after everybody arrived things were […]

I Went Skinny Dippin’


Here’s Susan’s adventure: This happened when I was 15. I was out of school for the summer vacation. My mom dad and I lived out in the country. No one lived with in 5 miles of our home. It was all farm and ranch land. Mom and dad were out of town for a few […]

How It All Started


A story from Sheryl: I have skinny dipped and been naked around my family on many occasions as a girl growing up. I’ll always remember how it all started. There are 5 cousins in our families: 4 girls and one boy. His name is James but we all called him Bubba. The first time we […]

A Deserted Pond


One from Alex: You haven’t published any stories lately! Well, here’s one! My wife and I had never skinny dipped before we visited the east coast of Canada last summer, but we both wanted to. While we were at the east coast we visited a national park. We got there mid-afternoon and stopped at the […]

Mom I Was Asleep!


A story from Nate: I was 10 or 12 and I had gotten home on the last day of school, yes! The first thing I did was go take a nap. Little did I know my best friend’s sisters (17 and 15) were swimming in their pool… naked! My buddy, Jake, barged in and woke me up and […]

Skinny Dipping in Neighborhood Pond


Here’s a good one from Kylee: I’m Kylee and one evening I was home alone with my friend Mady. We are both sophomores in high school. My parents had gone out to dinner and we had gotten bored. She suggested to me that we skinny dip, not in my pool, but in the neighborhood pond. […]

Secret Lake Skinny Dip


We got a story in from Lily: This happened during spring break. A couple friends and I really wanted to try skinny dipping. Well, we started driving, searching for a deserted place with water or something. After about an hour, we found this lake. It was surrounded by tall grasses and flowers, so you could […]