Skinny Dipping at 3 Hotels in a Week


Well, it’s not too often that we get to post one of our own stories – or rather that Jen lets me do it but she said I could post this one. I was on a trip where I was going to be in 3 different cities in a week. I was by myself traveling. […]

Good Use of an ATV

water and trees

One more story from PAV: I live in a rural area and I discovered a spot one day that is somewhat close to a large river. I took my ATV and decided to go exploring to try and find a trail to the water between some trees. Now this was a fairly remote spot with […]

First Time Skinny Dipping and Caught!

lake or river

Here’s a story from Dan: Several years ago I was at a park by the river. It was hot and I wanted to go swimming but I did not have a bathing suit. So at first I thought I’d run home and grab a pair, but I thought “it’s kinda remote here so screw it!” […]

Naked Brother


Her’s a story we got from Danielle: This isn’t exactly skinny dipping but he was naked in the water, so…  I was a 15 teen at the time (I’m a girl). My family and went to a water park. My parents got tired and sat down in those chairs by the wave pool. My brother […]

Indoor Pool Evening Fun


Here’s a crazy little skinny dipping story from PAV: One winter, while I in college, me and my girlfriend and my best friend and his girlfriend decided to go swimming in his parents’ indoor pool while they were out of town. We nervously went to the restroom to put on or swim suits and each […]

The Skinny-Dip That Changed My Life!


Here’s a good one we got from Larry D: A few years back I invited my girlfriend Emma to come with us to our family lake cottage up in New York state. We had just finished our sophomore year in college and I remember we were both so excited to get out and enjoy some […]

Summer Skinny Dipping – Short Stories


Well, it seems everyone’s out skinny dipping this summer. We’ve been out a few times and it has been great. We’ve got a number of short stories people have sent in, so we’ll group them all together. If you have more, send them in! -Jen   From: Marc Subject: Skinny Dip in Atlantic This last […]

A Day at the Beach


Here’s a story from Grieg: Today I went downtown to get my mail, then immediately headed over to my favorite little clothing-optional beach. The whole day, I was the only one who was without clothes, and no one seemed to care or take notice. Several women were topfree; and there were a few dogs (not […]

Skinny Dipping Party


Here’s what happened at Bill’s wild party: I was hosting a party for my work. It originally was just a house party but I had a pool out back and it was hot outside. It was all my friends from work as well as their girlfriend/boyfriend or spouses. An hour after everybody arrived things were […]

I Went Skinny Dippin’


Here’s Susan’s adventure: This happened when I was 15. I was out of school for the summer vacation. My mom dad and I lived out in the country. No one lived with in 5 miles of our home. It was all farm and ranch land. Mom and dad were out of town for a few […]