Skinny Dipping with My Friends

Larson sent this story about his first time: When I was a child, about 11, my friends and I decided to go by the lake. I told my parents and they gave me permission. So I went with my four guy friends. When we got there we thought it would be a fun idea to try […]

Skinny Dipping and a Mud Bath at the Creek

Brian sent in this quick story about skinny dipping with a co-worker: A couple of summers a co-worker and I decided to to go swim at a nearby creek during lunch as we work out in the woods. It was the usual hot Florida summer. After a while I suggested we go skinny dipping, since […]

First Time Skinny Dipping

Adam sends this story about what can go wrong skinny dipping: I always wanted to experience skinny dipping so i told my parents that i was going down to the lake to chill. Little did they know i was going to do something else! I walked down to the lake and then looked around to […]

Hot Day

PAV sent in this silty story of skinny dipping in the heat: I’ve done a fair bit of skinny dipping this summer so far.  To be honest most of my chances to do so are limited but I take advantage when I can.  This time I’ll tell you about skinny dipping today in 103 degree […]

Skinny Dipping at Night

Natalie shares this story of sharing a dip with family and new friends: My aunt was getting married so my brother, mom, dad, and I went to Miami and stayed in a fancy hotel with an outdoor pool. During our first night there, our parents went out to a restaurant with some family members. My […]

Skinny Dipping with Friends

Marina shares the fun times she spent with friends: My close friends and I held a pool party with a lot of our other close friends invited. There were so many people.  After the pool party, my friends that hosted the party and I went to my house for a slumber party. We didn’t bother […]

Skinny Dipping at the Pool

Natalie sent in this rather risque story: I was at a big pool with some little kids. The kids were playing in another part of the pool while I was behind a slide so they couldn’t see me. I took my bikini off and started skinny dipping. It felt so nice. After a little while, […]

Annual Streaking Tradition

Marc sends this story about a dangerous tradition. Not exactly skinny dipping, but close enough! I live in the South, in one of the oldest cities in America.  We moved here several years ago with my company and purchased a house in a very fine, but very suburban neighborhood. Since we moved here I have […]

Naked Run After Skinny Dip

Kenzie sends this story of a nice dip that quickly went awry: This is from back when I was a teenager first trying out skinny dipping. I lived a mile away from a large lake and I would go skinny dip there. I was still to afraid of people seeing me so I would skinny […]

Caught in Broad Daylight

Jake sent in this story of the perfect opportunity with bad timing: A few years ago in the middle of summer my mom wanted me to pick up a sign at a house she recently sold (she is a realtor). I went over there to pick it up and noticed there was a pond at […]