Naked Camping Week


Here’s another we got and don’t remember who it was from (we’re cleaning up the archive finally) – enjoy! Hi Jen, we haven’t seen any new posts lately so I thought I would share one that happened last summer with my wife and another couple. We have a couple that we do lots of things […]

State Park Lake Skinny Dip


We don’t remember who we go this one from: So, this past summer I was hiking at a local state park. The park has a large lake with trails all around it. There are resting benches all over also. I was getting pretty hot and I had not seen anyone the whole time I was […]

I Figured Why Not


Here’s a quick skinny dipping story from Nathaniel: My first experience skinny dipping happened last summer. I had the house to myself for about a month so I could work and make money while my family was down south visiting family. At one point, it was very hot and a lot more humid than it […]

Naked Swim Lessons


Here’s a story we got from George: Several years ago, following several unsuccessful attempts at learning to swim, I saw an advertisement, which guaranteed success. The lessons were expensive (they were one-to-one) but I thought I would try them. When I showed up for my first lesson I found it was in a very pleasant […]

Caught by Grandmother


Here’s a story from Stuart: When I was seventeen, my parents my parents were away on vacation. My girlfriend came over to the house. We decided to go for a swim and of course without any parents around, we ended up skinny dipping. We were fooling around in the pool having a great time. When […]

First Time Skinny Dipping – CAUGHT


We have a story submitted Gavin (female): I live in a private community where we have a workout room and a pool. The pool and the workout room are right next to each other so I watch the beautiful pool and scenery out the workout room window. My neighborhood is filled with old, retired people […]

Skinny Dipping at 3 Hotels in a Week


Well, it’s not too often that we get to post one of our own stories – or rather that Jen lets me do it but she said I could post this one. I was on a trip where I was going to be in 3 different cities in a week. I was by myself traveling. […]

Good Use of an ATV

water and trees

One more story from PAV: I live in a rural area and I discovered a spot one day that is somewhat close to a large river. I took my ATV and decided to go exploring to try and find a trail to the water between some trees. Now this was a fairly remote spot with […]

First Time Skinny Dipping and Caught!

lake or river

Here’s a story from Dan: Several years ago I was at a park by the river. It was hot and I wanted to go swimming but I did not have a bathing suit. So at first I thought I’d run home and grab a pair, but I thought “it’s kinda remote here so screw it!” […]

Naked Brother


Her’s a story we got from Danielle: This isn’t exactly skinny dipping but he was naked in the water, so…  I was a 15 teen at the time (I’m a girl). My family and went to a water park. My parents got tired and sat down in those chairs by the wave pool. My brother […]