Skinny Dipping in Neighborhood Pond


Here’s a good one from Kylee: I’m Kylee and one evening I was home alone with my friend Mady. We are both sophomores in high school. My parents had gone out to dinner and we had gotten bored. She suggested to me that we skinny dip, not in my pool, but in the neighborhood pond. […]

Secret Lake Skinny Dip


We got a story in from Lily: This happened during spring break. A couple friends and I really wanted to try skinny dipping. Well, we started driving, searching for a deserted place with water or something. After about an hour, we found this lake. It was surrounded by tall grasses and flowers, so you could […]

Hotel Skinny Dipping


Here’s a story from Tyler: This happened to me a few weekends ago. My sister, father and I were staying at a hotel together as we had traveled to another city for my sisters big soccer game. Unfortunately (well, depends how you look at it), our toilet in the bathroom had its tank leak, flooding […]

Liberty Fountain, Paris Skinny Dip


Hi Everyone! Here’s one we got from Caleb: My family all went on a month long vacation in Paris, France when I was 14 (I’m 16 now). All us kids got to bring a friend so there was a bunch of us. My dad’s only rule on the trip was that we obey instantly or […]

College Girls’ First Skinny Dip


Here’s a good one we got from Jill – enjoy! My friend Amber and I are two college girls. Neither none of us had gone skinny dipping before and we really wanted to. One hot da,y we went out to these woods that had a clearing with a big pond in it. We went on […]

Spring Break Shenanigans


Here’s a short story we got from John: This one spring break I had, I met a lot of new people including three hot blonde girls. We all went driving out the country to go fishing. I knew I have to get them naked somehow in the water. We took a small boat out on […]

Nude and Exposed


And here’s another one from a female named “marisol” (go girls!) who accidentally discovered skinny dipping: I am 15 right now and this happened when I was 14. There was this large pond in the woods behind my house that I would always swim in during the summer. No one else knew about it (or […]

Skinny Dipping with Girlfriends


We got a few stories from Mike and we decided to put them all together, so here’s a 3-parter for you. We assume these happened at different times. Caught Skinny Dipping My girlfriend and I decided to take the boat to the lake last week. It was a beautiful, warm day and the water was […]

Hotel Skinny Dipping


We have a few stories people have sent in that are waiting to be posted but we got this one from Ashlynn (a 20 year old female) that we had to post right away: OK, let me start off by saying I LOVE to skinny dip, partially because I like the feeling but also because […]

Skinny Dip When I Was a Kid

lake or river

Here is one from Jay: This happened a while ago. I was like 13 and my little sister, Ellen, was 9. The sitter, Carol, came over and our parents left. She was 17. She had asked my dad if she could take us to the park and go for a swim and he said yes. […]