Band Trip Skinny Dipping

John sent this story about spontaneously going from showers to skinny dipping: I’m in marching band and we had to travel to the other side of the state for a competition. The school didn’t want to make us pay for hotels, so we stayed in school gyms near the competition. We had three out of […]

Brother Learns His Lesson

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long time since the last new story. Life got in the way. But here’s a fun recollection from Danica to get us back on track: I’m 17 and was inspired by one of your stories here,  Naked Brother. I have a younger brother, Larson, who is 14, and is gay. I don’t […]

Caught in the Hot Tub

Bryan sent along this story of getting caught, but it all turned out okay: I was staying at my aunts when I was about 16. She was single and liked to go out, and this night wasn’t any different. She got ready while I was on the couch watching TV. She’d come down and ask […]

First Skinny Dip

Carrie sends this memory of the first time: I am a teenager. We have a pool in our backyard. One day while my dad was at work and my mom was volunteering at my brother’s school, I was home alone and I decided, why not go skinny dipping? I took off my clothes and slowly […]

Instant Success!

Caleb sent in this story of his first skinny dipping experiences: My one (and so far, only) experience with skinny dipping happened when I was fifteen. I had gone to California with a school group for an Orchestra tour and the hotel we were staying in had a really big pool (8 feet deep!). Less […]

Skinny Dipping with My Friends

Larson sent this story about his first time: When I was a child, about 11, my friends and I decided to go by the lake. I told my parents and they gave me permission. So I went with my four guy friends. When we got there we thought it would be a fun idea to try […]

Skinny Dipping and a Mud Bath at the Creek

Brian sent in this quick story about skinny dipping with a co-worker: A couple of summers a co-worker and I decided to to go swim at a nearby creek during lunch as we work out in the woods. It was the usual hot Florida summer. After a while I suggested we go skinny dipping, since […]

First Time Skinny Dipping

Adam sends this story about what can go wrong skinny dipping: I always wanted to experience skinny dipping so i told my parents that i was going down to the lake to chill. Little did they know i was going to do something else! I walked down to the lake and then looked around to […]

Hot Day

PAV sent in this silty story of skinny dipping in the heat: I’ve done a fair bit of skinny dipping this summer so far.  To be honest most of my chances to do so are limited but I take advantage when I can.  This time I’ll tell you about skinny dipping today in 103 degree […]

Skinny Dipping at Night

Natalie shares this story of sharing a dip with family and new friends: My aunt was getting married so my brother, mom, dad, and I went to Miami and stayed in a fancy hotel with an outdoor pool. During our first night there, our parents went out to a restaurant with some family members. My […]