Bending the Rules!


We got this story in from George: Many years ago, I spent a weekend break at a lovely hotel with a swimming pool in Somerset, England. It so happened that the weather was particularly warm but I was awaiting surgery and so, much to my frustration, I dared not go in the pool. On waking […]

All Day Naked


We’re starting to get more stories in, so thanks! Here’s one from Landon that we think you’ll like… My family was staying in a hotel/condo right next to the beach with a pool outside. The adults announced they were leaving so my cousin and I would be by ourselves all day. At the time, I […]

Skinny Dipping on Vacation


We got a story from Zeb to share: As a kid, I dammed up a gully on a yellow clay hillside and caught several feet of slimy yellow mud. I played in it nude (so I would not get my clothes muddy) and walked a quarter mile to the pond to wash so I could dress. I […]

Houseboating with Friends


We go this story from Ricky a while back (from a female)… My family owns a houseboat on a large lake in northern California. I’ve spent many long weekends on it over the years, sometimes skinny dipping, sometimes not, depending on who was with me. My very good friends, Carl and Gina, spent a lot […]

Climbing and Skinny Dipping


Here’s another short skinny dipping story we got a while back: I’ve been a rock climbing instructor for over 30 years. A good climbing friend I have is named Amy. We had gone down to the Sierras one winter to practice our ice climbing. After a hard and cold day of ice work, I asked […]

Hotel Hot Tub


Here’s another short one to enjoy: I have never skinny dipped in public before but have always wanted to. I was at a hotel a few years ago for a conference and went down to the pool shortly before it was supposed to close for the evening (around 10PM). After swimming a few laps, I […]

Naked Camping Week


Here’s another we got and don’t remember who it was from (we’re cleaning up the archive finally) – enjoy! Hi Jen, we haven’t seen any new posts lately so I thought I would share one that happened last summer with my wife and another couple. We have a couple that we do lots of things […]

State Park Lake Skinny Dip


We don’t remember who we go this one from: So, this past summer I was hiking at a local state park. The park has a large lake with trails all around it. There are resting benches all over also. I was getting pretty hot and I had not seen anyone the whole time I was […]

I Figured Why Not


Here’s a quick skinny dipping story from Nathaniel: My first experience skinny dipping happened last summer. I had the house to myself for about a month so I could work and make money while my family was down south visiting family. At one point, it was very hot and a lot more humid than it […]

Naked Swim Lessons


Here’s a story we got from George: Several years ago, following several unsuccessful attempts at learning to swim, I saw an advertisement, which guaranteed success. The lessons were expensive (they were one-to-one) but I thought I would try them. When I showed up for my first lesson I found it was in a very pleasant […]