My First Time At A Nude Beach

Nick sent in this story about stumbling on a nude beach and growing more comfortable: I had my first nudist experience by accident when I was 16 years old on a family vacation to Long Island, New York. A couple of days into our vacation my family (who are not nudists) decided to go to […]

My Skinny Dipping Summer

Nate wrote in to share this life-changing story: To start things off, I love skinny dipping. Feels great! I do it all the time during the warmer seasons in my pool. But I wanted to share with y’all the summer that started it all. I was 14 at the time. With me was my best […]

Unnecessary Precautions

Christian sent in this story about grappling with the local etiquette of skinny dipping: I have trouble exercising when I go home for the holidays, since I don’t bother getting a membership to a gym I won’t regularly visit. I mentioned this to my buddy in passing, and he invited me to work out with […]

Skinny dipping at a Clothed Campsite

John shared this story of first times and enjoying skinning dipping on holiday: I was introduced to skinny dipping 20+ years ago by Martina, a lovely German girl on a remote beach near Malia on the Greek island Crete, while we were both on a camping holiday through Europe. Since then I’ve skinny dipped many […]

Skinny Dipping with the Neighbour

Andrew shared this experience of skinning dipping with his neighbor: I had the chance to have a very cool single mom as a neighbour. One day she invited me to skinny dip in her pool. Little did I know that her 20-year-old daughter liked to skinny dip and wanted to do the same. It was […]

Neighbor Skinny-Dipping

Mike sent in this story about the right way to meet your new neighbors: I just moved in a new house with my parents when I was 19. I had a backyard but had no pool. That was a plan for the future. My neighbor had a pool in the backyard and I came to […]

Special Delivery

Gary sent this story about the benefits of giving good customer service: Back in the early 2000’s, when I was in my early 30’s, I moonlighted for a local pizza place delivering pizzas during the evenings and weekends. A couple of times a month, I’d deliver to an attractive 40-something single woman named Kate who […]

Early Morning Rendezvous

Ian sent this story about his morning routine at the lake: There is a lake in my neighborhood with a private beach and a boat launch for kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, paddle boats, etc. When I was younger, I liked to do some late-night kayak rides and skinny dips. As I’ve gotten older, I found […]

Skinny Dipping in the Creek

Rich sent this story about skinny dipping with a muddy twist: I grew up on a farm. There was either a large creek or a small river–however you want to describe it–that ran along one boundary. It was in thick woods and there was a place where the water depth was over our heads so […]

Second Skinny Dipping Adventure

Riley sent in this memory of ending a year in high school the right way: I went to a party at the end of last school year. About fifty of us all went to a bridge over water in the middle of nowhere. Some of the other football players looked at the girls, and said […]