Caught by My Neighbors

Jessica sent in this story about getting caught, and how oftentimes it turns out just fine: I usually walk around the house naked when I am home alone. Last summer I decided to be a little more daring and go in my backyard naked. I sunbathed completely naked a few times. I wanted more of […]

I Got Caught Skinny Dipping!

Tiffany shared this story about getting caught, and how it’s not a big deal. With the right neighbors: Although I’m 19 years old and still live with my parents, I love to be naked whenever they aren’t around. I’m not a nudist but I like to feel tithe adrenaline when being naked, especially outside. One […]

Skinny Dipping with Boyfriend

Pablo sent in this nice memory of a hot summer day. First the original Spanish he sent: Un día muy caluroso de verano, mi pareja Tobías y yo habíamos ido a nadar. Era un día brilloso y corría una brisa agradable, afortunadamente. Al rato, luego de largas conversaciones, comenzamos a aburrirnos, entonces le pregunté a […]

First Time Skinny Dipping

Chris sent in this story about his very first time skinny dipping, under risky circumstances: Growing up we were never able to have a pool because it wasn’t allowed in our town. There was a public pool, and I did work out a way to break in to skinny dip when I was around 13, […]

So Very Close

Michael sent in this story about a first date that came so very close to being skinny dipping heaven: One summer during college, a female friend (Sandy) was home and had a barbecue at her parent’s house for some of her friends. At this barbecue, she introduced me to one of her roommates from college […]

In the Middle of the Lake

Michael sent this nice memory. Makes me long for summer! During the summer, my girlfriend at the time and I would go swimming and float around a small lake in my condo community. We would take a couple of inner tubes and float to the middle of the lake (about 100 yards from the closest […]

Loads of Friends

An anonymous reader sent in this short but sweet memory: A few years ago, my high school friends and I were at a private pool party. We were all 18 because we just graduated, and we got the idea to skinny dip. We were naked, and it was nice to feel the water on your skin. […]

Skinny Dipping in Deep Clay Mud

Brian sent in this interesting variation on classic skinny dipping: This summer I went to one of the local 4-wheel drive parks and had a roaring good time as usual camping drinking and listening to music. Luckily this time there was barely anybody there in the whole 400 acres. There are 6 deep large red […]

Giving My Girlfriend a Show

Jake sent this cute story of (solo) skinny dipping with a friend: A few summers ago my girlfriend and I were invited to a cookout at a place that had a lot of land and a huge pond in their backyard. Neither of us thought we were going swimming because our friends were all going […]

Community Pond

Pat sent in this story about a bit of risque behavior: It was the middle of the summer, I was bored and wanted to do something exciting. While my parents were away for a few days, and it was just me and my siblings at the house, I snuck out. I live right next to […]