Skinny Dipping at the Pool

Natalie sent in this rather risque story:

I was at a big pool with some little kids. The kids were playing in another part of the pool while I was behind a slide so they couldn’t see me. I took my bikini off and started skinny dipping. It felt so nice.

After a little while, one of the kids came to me and said she needed me to come in the locker room with her to get something. She didn’t see that I was naked. I had no idea what to do so I came out of the water. She was very surprised; it was her first time seeing a body naked with large boobs and just a teeeny bit of hair on the vagina. I walked her to the locker room completely naked.  I then saw a girl that was in my school come into the pool and look at me.

After I came out of the locker room, my crush saw me, nude. It was awkward at first but then he came to my secluded spot with me to swim. My boobs, butt, and vagina were frequently touching his skin and he seemed to like it. Then he stripped down and we made out naked.

Pretty risky, Natalie! I’m glad it turned into what sounded like a very nice day.


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