Not Quite a Legal Skinny Dip

Mark sent this nice recollection of skinny dipping in the Caribbean:

A few years ago, my wife and I took a cruise in the Southern Caribbean and stopped in St. Martin. I knew that one of the most famous clothing optional beaches in that area was Orient Beach, and was interested in seeing what it was all about. My wife was willing to go, so when the ship docked, we caught a taxi to the beach and set up on the topless side. After walking on the beach and checking out the nude side, I decided to go swimming on the topless side while my wife took a nap.

The bay was not that crowded and the water was up to my shoulders. I was wishing I could slip off my suit. I maneuvered out to an empty area and pulled my trunks off and swam around a bit, holding them in my hand. Talked briefly to another guy doing the same thing. After a few minutes, a really nice boat pulled into the bay and was headed towards me. I was mostly underwater and not terribly worried about being caught, but didn’t want to be run over so I backed up several feet. The boat came to a stop about 10 feet from me and a beautiful 25-ish woman wearing nothing but a tiny thong came out to the end of the deck and greeted me. She must have noticed that I was holding (not wearing) my swim trunks and said something to the effect that I should get rid of them – I was on Orient Beach! I mumbled something about being on the wrong side of the beach and moved away.

Fast forward a few years. My wife and I were back at Orient Beach on another cruise stop, but during the ensuing years, I had gotten much braver and was dying to go back to try the nude side of the beach. My wife was less enthusiastic, but a good sport, and agreed to join me there. We exited the ship and went straight there. I didn’t even bother bringing a swim suit with me, just wore a pair of shorts. We rented a couple of beach chairs and an umbrella. I stripped down, slathered on the sun screen, grabbed my swim goggles and headed for the water. It was amazing! The feeling of freedom and the thrill of being in the sun, water and breeze with no wet suit hanging on me were awesome. We spent the day there, walking on the beach, swimming and relaxing, me totally nude and my wife topless. My wife agreed we could return there for a full vacation. I’m sure she will be joining me on my next orient beach skinny dip adventure.

It’s great that you had such a nice time! Have fun when you head back there.



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