A "Bucket List" for Summer?

My friend and I have just done our GCSE’s (in England) and we are 16.
We really really want this summer to be absolutely incredible,
And so we’ve decided to make a list of crazy things to do this summer just to make sure it really is.
I was wondering if anyone could give us any ideas?
So far we’ve got:
Skinny dipping;
Crowd surfing;
A YES day;
Kissing a stranger in the rain.
Any more?
Thankyou in advance for your ideas 🙂
We’re both girls.


  1. me and my cousins are out to do the same thing you are. make this summer awesome. we are using a list we found in Seventeen(a magazine i get) and adding our own. the list from the magazine is as fallows
    1 ride a ferris wheel with a cute guy! when your at the top, you might just be inspired to make a move!
    2 add pretzels or potato chips to cookie dough and bake. the salty-sweet mix will ensure even your taste buds have fun!
    3 make a funny video with your friends. you’ll die over your own bloopers.
    4 take a chance on a guy who’s not necessarily your type. a different kind of guy will teach you something new about relationships!
    5 host a fright night. break out the scariest movies, then see if you can sleep without checking under that bed.
    6 ride a tandem bicycle(built for two!) with your BFF for the day.
    7 surprise your friends with a water balloon fight. but don’t hurl those suckers to hard. they can hurt!(we are doing this at my cousins birthday party next month. cant wait!)
    8 volunteer at an animal shelter-its all the fun of having a pet without the responsibility of having to scoop his poop.
    9 pick up guide books for a country you want to visit.
    10 watch a classic 80’s movie like Girls just wanna have fun or Cant buy me love.
    11 make cheese fondue and wear a beret in honor of Bastille day on july 14
    12 use the ultimate excuse to get close in the dark-take a midnight swim with your cutest guy friend!
    13 add strawberry and banana slices to your s’mores recipe, just because. yummm!
    14 read your favorite children’s books. its cuddly to re experience things you use to love
    15 be food fearless by trying something different-like Indian, Israeli, or Ethiopian specialties.
    16 send a care package to a soldier abroad. you’ll get an instant warm, fuzzy feeling.
    17 get noticed at the beach-put a heart sticker on your stomach(we’re putting it on our arm of chest) then you can peel it back to reveal a tan tattoo!
    ok so those are the ones from the magazine. you can change them around a little to fit your life. now here’s our list
    1 make a short movie(ours is gonna be a scary movie) with your friends and put it on youtube.
    2 go to the fair and ride on all the rides you can
    3 start a book(or a manga like we are doing) and try to get the first chapter done before school starts
    4 get in shape
    5 spend a whole day outside
    that’s all we have for now. we’re just starting to make the whole list. there is also this list you could do http://www.seventeen.com/college-career/21-things-csp-0606 hope this summer is a blast for everyone!

  2. How about lose 10 lbs.
    Get a six pack (abs)
    Increase your vertical jump to 30 inches
    Bench 185 lbs

    Those are some good starters.. lol

  3. I’m not sure if it’s legal (it’s not everywhere) but how about something like cliff diving/jumping. Jump off of cliffs into the water.

    I don’t know where you live, but near me there are some cliffs that are known to be jumped off of almost everyday. They always check the water well before doing it though. I wouldn’t do this just anywhere because you want to make sure the water is deep enough, and there is nothing you can land on. I would find somebody that has done it before (they can help you check for safety) and go to a safe location.

  4. mangobubblegum says

    This is my summer bucket list: http://thesummerlist101.webs.com/
    Its basically a list of things I need to do that started June 16th (when I got out of school) up until school starts again (late august/early September).
    Along with blogging about my mini-adventures, there will be video and photo updates. Keep tabs and feel free to comment, because updates will be made every few days!

    Good luck 🙂

    1)have sex with 1 famous person

  6. Bryson Chao says

    1)study a ton for the act
    2)get a perfect score on the act
    3)kiss one girl on the cheek (mabye) (im bad)
    4)go to a library and not check out a book
    5)thats enough im getting to excited (i now have a boner)

  7. Take nude selfies
    Play in mud and then get totally covered in it head to toe
    Give sine guy a hand jib
    Suntan nude
    Have sex with a girl
    Send a naked picture of your self in tub and wet hair to me at My email address

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