A Deserted Pond

One from Alex:

491_3632237You haven’t published any stories lately! Well, here’s one!

My wife and I had never skinny dipped before we visited the east coast of Canada last summer, but we both wanted to. While we were at the east coast we visited a national park.

We got there mid-afternoon and stopped at the park visitors centre. We looked through some information trying to figure out what we want to do. It looked like there were a few beaches there. While my wife was in the bathroom, I asked the person at the desk what she recommended. She told me about one beach that is nice and popular with families, and another beach that is more secluded, at the end of a 30-minute hiking trail. I asked if they have changing facilities, and she said no, just change in the bush. Then she said, “Anytime I’ve been there, there was nobody else there.” That made me wonder if we could go skinny dipping.

As we left the visitors centre, I told my wife what I’d learned, and she had the same idea as me. So we packed our swimsuits (hoping we wouldn’t need them), towels, and some water into our backpacks, and went hiking. After about half an hour we reached the pond. We didn’t encounter anyone on the trail and there wasn’t anyone at the pond either. And it was a bit late in the afternoon, so it seemed unlikely that anyone was hiking behind us.

It was a warm, sunny day for the east coast, and there was a narrow sandy stretch by the pond. The swimsuits never left our backpacks. We took off our clothes and went into the water. It was a bit cold but certainly warmer than the ocean. We swam around a bit, and my wife checked me out under the water using her goggles. I borrowed the goggles too, looked around under water, and checked her out. After playing in the water for a while, we took some photos of each other on my phone, some safe to show others and some not. We made out a bit too, but didn’t do anything more than that.

It was quite a fun and sexy experience. We dried off and walked down the trail, once again encountering nobody. Great experience!

Thanks for contributing – sounds like a fun trip!


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