A Fond Overnight Camping Adventure

Trav sent in this story about his first time:

While attending a three-week overnight summer camp in Northern California, our cabin was to embark on a 3-night backpacking trip to a high altitude lake. I was aged 12, as were the other eight to nine boys in our cabin. We were a tight bunch and thrilled for the trip.

We hiked about 11 miles to a remote lake where we set up camp. We were pretty anxious to go swimming, even if the water was frigid, as we were told. Some brought trunks, others went in undies.

After we all took the plunge, a cheeky friend named Chase dared another boy to toss his shorts onto the shore. Well, in a matter of time, we joined our nude cabin mate in solidarity. We splashed around and swam to a small rock island about 100 feet from shore.

At this point, we got out of the water to explore, seeing each other in buff for the first time. We found some large rocks to sun bathe on and loved the freedom we had found as a group.

This first experience lead to other skinny dipping stories with school friends in backyard pools, but the feeling of the sunlight hitting all of my body in the mountains is one I’ll never forget.

Thanks for sharing this, Trav! That’s a great memory.


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