A Series of Naked Events

Will sent in this fun story of circumstances that led to a great experience:

This happened when I was 20, but it has to be one of my favorite skinny dipping stories.

One summer in college I was working an internship at an office in my area. This was a professional place, so I had to wear formal business attire each day. At the same time, I was house sitting for an older woman I knew. Every day I would go over to her house, water the plants in her backyard, as well as clean out the filter to her above-ground pool. Since my internship was very relaxed about the low hours they had me work, I would usually take care of the woman’s house around noon and then head to the office.

One hot, sunny day I headed out to the house as normal. I took care of some things with the pool, cleaned it out a bit, and then went to change the filter. When I was all done and went to grab the filter basket to put everything back together, I accidentally knocked it off the edge of the pool and into the water. I watched for a second as it sank to the bottom.

No worries, I thought. I’ll just grab it with the pool net. Only one problem: the pool net was short. Really short. Its handle was only a foot long. It couldn’t even come close to the bottom. I tried rolling up my dress shirt sleeve to reach further in the water: still not far enough.

“Shit,” I thought. The owner of the house wants the filter cleaned every day. I need that basket. My next thought was to take off my shirt. I took it off, held it in my left hand, and dunked my torso into the pool as far as I could go without getting my pants wet.

The net still couldn’t reach. I was starting to think I was going to have to skinny dip to grab the basket. Suddenly, I realized I WAS going to have to skinny dip to get it.

Now, there were a few things which made this particular dip a little more complicated. First, I was going to be surrounded on all sides by nearby houses. All of these were close, so if anyone looked out a window or went in their backyard, they would be sure to see me.

Second, I had no dry place by the above-ground pool to hang my dress clothes so they wouldn’t get dirty. The only place around the pool was a dirty step ladder, which definitely would have mucked up my office clothes.

The only other option was to leave my clothes on the house’s back patio, a good distance away. I was going to have to undress at the house, then streak across this woman’s yard to the pool.

So I walked to the back patio, checked my surroundings for a second, and stripped down to my birthday suit as fast as I could. I ran across the backyard quickly, but I couldn’t help but notice how good it felt. Feeling the sun shine on my body and feeling my bare feet in the grass was amazing. Not to mention the air touching everywhere on my body felt so free.

I reached the pool, hopped the ledge, and jumped right in. The water was freezing, but felt amazing. I took a second to swim around and feel the cool water rushing over my body. It was such a thrill to know that I was completely naked, in the middle of several nearby houses, a long way away from my clothes.

After taking a second to enjoy the thrill of skinny dipping, I grabbed the filter basket and jumped back out. I quickly put the filter back together, all pieces accounted for at last. However, it was then that I suddenly realized my next problem: getting dry. I had to go to work in my nice clothes: I couldn’t put them on and get them wet. But there wasn’t a towel in sight. And even worse, I couldn’t go inside the house to get one. I never had a key since I was only taking care of the yard. I was going to have to air dry while I watered the flowers.

So, checking around me again for any onlookers, I picked up the hose and got to work, completely nude. Standing in the middle of this woman’s yard, not a care in the world, wearing nothing but a smile was even better than the previous thrills of the day. Feeling the sun on my naked skin warming me up and drying me off was amazing; I felt so relaxed and free. Feeling the light breeze brush past my usually-covered areas was so refreshing; and I felt strangely proud to be standing out in the open so exposed. However, this feeling was interrupted when all of a sudden, to my horror, I heard a woman’s voice say,

“Enjoying the nice weather, huh?”

I turned to see one of the neighbors in the nearby houses had come out to pay me a visit. She looked like she was in her late 30’s. She had brunette hair tied up in a ponytail. She had a beautiful body with large breasts, which I noticed because she was wearing a skimpy tank top and shorts.

With nowhere to run, I stood there like a naked deer in headlights.

“Y…yeah, it’s pretty nice out today.” I managed to stutter out. At first I covered up, but shortly relaxed and let my hands to my sides after realizing this woman had already seen everything.

“Were you going skinny dipping?” she said. “It’s a great day for that.”

“Uh, yeah. I was. I’m sorry I’m naked, I couldn’t find any way to dry off. ” I replied.

“Oh that’s fine!” She said to my relief. “I can’t blame you for wanting to strip down in this heat.”

Suddenly, after taking a good look at this attractive woman, and thinking about the way I was standing completely naked in front of her, I started to get aroused. Before I knew it, my penis had shot up like a rocket until it was rock hard, fully on display.

I saw the woman’s eyes drop and catch a look.

“You seem pretty excited to be strutting around like that anyways,” she said while pointing towards my erection. I turned bright red and tried to cover up, but my hands couldn’t even cover everything. She giggled, then turned to her yard work.

I quickly got on my dress clothes, even though I was still a bit wet. I headed towards my car, and saw the woman give me one last wave and a smile. I waved back, equally embarrassed and excited, before getting into my car.

Needless to say, it was pretty hard to concentrate on work at the office that day.

Thanks, Will! I’m glad it all turned out well. But I really want to know what the owner thought after she returned and her neighbor (inevitably) told her side of the story!


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