A Solo Skinny Dip

Jake sent in this story about skinny dipping alone. Sort of.

My girlfriend and I were at a cookout at this house that had a ton of land and a large pond. Toward the end of the evening my girlfriend and I decided to take a walk around the pond to look around. We stopped by the edge of the pond around the corner (behind a wooded area so no one could see us) and sat there talking for a while.

I knew she didn’t know how to swim but I still wanted to see if I could convince her to go in the pond naked with me. So I casually brought up that I wanted to go in for a quick second. She told me I was more than welcome to but she wasn’t getting in.

I stood up and grabbed her hands and pleaded with her but she wasn’t going to be convinced. She then told me I should get in and reached for my belt, started to unbuckle it, and said “here I’ll help you get undressed and I’ll hold your clothes for you.” I was really turned on at this point and decided I would just go with it. She got me out of the rest of my clothes and before I took my boxers off, I looked around one more time to make sure no one was coming.

I finally submitted my last article of clothing to her to hold on to and turned around to get in the pond. “Looking good” she said as she gave me a little pat on my butt as I walked into the pond. We have seen each other naked plenty of times so this felt more natural than awkward.

After swimming around for a couple of seconds I turn around and she is laughing at me and asked “how is it?” with a huge smile. I walked out at full display and the smile hadn’t left her face as I told her it felt great. She then said “looks like you’re a little excited” and kissed me on the lips and handed me my clothes back.

We waited a couple minutes for me to dry off before we went back to the party like nothing happened.

Thanks for sharing that story, Jake! Any chance that your girlfriend has signed up for swimming lessons?



  1. nice story, maybe your girlfriend will join you next time.

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