After a Wedding

A buddy of mine got married in the summer. I was single and was looking forward to going to wedding since I knew there would be girls there – some that I knew and some that I didn’t.

The wedding was good and then at the reception I ended dancing a bit with a few girls. There were two that I knew that I kept switching with as dance partners even though when we’d stop, we’d all be sitting together. One was my buddy’s little sister, Genie, who I had known for a while but had suddenly grown up a bit and was looking really nice. I was dancing with her and she had to tell me to stop swinging her so much because she had such a short dress on.

I guess the air conditioning didn’t work well in that hall or we were just dancing a lot but all three of us were pretty exhausted afterwords. The other girl, Sasha, suggested we all go to her house (her parents’ house) for a swim. We all agreed and headed out there. Luckily, her folks weren’t home and we had the place to ourselves that night. We walked up to the house and the in-ground pool was sort of on the side of the house as we came from the driveway. This place was out in the boonies. It was really quiet and dark.

Sasha showed Genie and I how to get the solar cover off of the pool and she headed up, into the house, to go find some swimsuits for us. So Genie and I got the cover off pretty quickly. It was on a big spool and was easy to roll up. Genie dipped her foot in the water to check the temperature and she said it was really nice. She then said it was “too nice” and within seconds that short dress she was concerned about earlier was over her head and thrown on the ground. She unhooked her bra, slid down her panties, gave me a quick smile as I checked out her naked body and she dove right in!

“Aren’t you coming in?” she said.

That’s all the invitation I needed.

I got undressed pretty quickly and was down to my boxers in no time.

She said, “Those need to come off or it won’t be fair.” as she came up to the side of the pool and rested her nice, young breasts on the edge.

She was looking up at me and had a perfect angle of my junk as I pulled my boxers off. I cannonballed it into the pool. She came over and gave me a hug.

“Thanks for dancing with me tonight,” she said.

We then started swimming and Sasha came out with a pair of shorts and a one-piece girl’s swimsuit in hand. She seemed surprised that we were in the water already.

“It looks like you don’t need these,” Sasha said.

“We couldn’t wait,” Genie said back to her.

Sasha smiled and went into the house for a minute. When she came out, she had her suit on. We couldn’t get her to skinny dip with us that night. I think she was too modest but didn’t seemed to mind that we were skinny dipping in her pool. Genie and I were even getting out of the pool naked and diving in several times.

Genie even sat in one of those air mattress chair things for a while as Sasha and I were next to her talking. She was there on display for both of us to see and she didn’t mind. I had no idea my friend’s little sister was like this at all.

She later got back in the water and as I was swimming toward her underwater, I caught her with her hand between her legs. I came out of the water and she was shocked and embarassed to see me.

“Oops, you caught me” she said.

Sasha had gone back into the house to take a phone call or something at that point.

“Why don’t you sit in that chair now,” she said.

Something told me it would be a good idea to do that, so I jumped into it.

She came up next to it and at that point, I was getting a bit excited and it showed.

“Wow, look at that,” she said. “Kind of reminds me of a lollipop!”

And I don’t need to tell you what happened after that.

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