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Caleb sent in this story about finding the perfect way to skinny dip, and introducing a friend to the whole experience:

I am a lifeguard at the community pool. Our pool is unique in that it’s an outdoor pool, but during the winter we put a giant canvas “bubble” over it to create an indoor pool. Consequently, during the winter the bubble is completely isolated from the rest of the fitness center, and most of the pool is completely impossible to see from the outside.

Ever since I became a lifeguard I’ve been known as “Speedo boy.” I got the nickname after “forgetting” my lifeguard suit one day and guarding for my entire 8-hour shift in my speedo. Needless to say, I became something of a legend from that point.

I’ve always been a nudist at heart – whenever I can be, I’m naked. My first experience with skinny dipping happened on a school trip to California, the full story of which can be found on this site (“Instant Success!”). From that point in my life I made a special effort to go skinny dipping as often as possible.

When the bubble went up for the winter I realized that it was the perfect opportunity. The plan was simple: I would pretend to leave, but actually hide in the family changing room until I heard my boss exit the building and drive away. I would then go back through the guard room, turn the bubble lights back on, stick a towel in the exterior door to give myself a way back into the locked building, and go skinny dipping.

The plan worked flawlessly. I got to enjoy undisturbed skinny dipping in the giant Olympic-sized swimming pool for as long as I wanted. I made a habit of taking closing shifts so I could go skinny dipping as often as possible. It was perfect.

However, I actually burned myself out. I went skinny dipping so often that it wasn’t fun anymore. The feeling of freedom wasn’t as completely astounding as it had been at first. I began to wish I had others with me to share the experience with.

So it was that I confided in one of my close friends, Alyssa. Alyssa was my neighbor and one of my best friends. We were striking up a close friendship at that time, so we knew more about each other than friends usually would. I happened to know that she was a rebel, taking every opportunity to wear bikinis, short skirts, and belly shirts against the wishes of her parents. She was like me in that respect (though I don’t wear any of those things for obvious reasons).

So I brought up the topic of skinny dipping while we were hanging out one day. She instantly perked up and told me that she had always wanted to try it, but never had opportunity to. I told her about my ventures after-hours, and offered to let her join me. She gave me a dirty look and accepted my offer.

So it was that I once again hid inside the changing room until my boss left. Alyssa was waiting in her car, and texted me when my boss has driven off. I gave her the all clear and opened the side door for her to enter the building.

Alyssa was wearing a skimpy tank top and nothing else. It barely managed to cover anything, and I felt myself getting excited at the sight. She waited until I realized she knew what I was doing. Blushing, we both entered the bubble and set down our bags.

“So,” I said. “You ready?”

“Same time. One, two, three.”

We both stripped as quickly as possible, strapped on our goggles and dove into the deep end of the pool. I swam down to the bottom (12 feet) and lay facing up, beginning the process of getting my nose used to the water. I watched Alyssa’s eyes widen as she experienced skinny dipping for the first time, and laughed a bit when she attempted to hide herself from my view.

Running out of air, I kicked off and slowly made my way to the surface. Alyssa was waiting for me, clinging to the wall.

“Holy crap this feels amazing,” she said, giggling and blushing. I made a point to check out her body again. She was a tad shorter than me, with an extremely curvy figure. Her boobs were large and her hips were wide. She wasn’t the skinniest girl out there, but wasn’t particularly fat either. She was somewhere in between, which was fine with me. Being the first time I had ever seen a naked girl, needless to say I went extremely hard.

When I looked back up to her face I saw her returning the favor. She stopped when she saw my appreciation, and giggled slightly at the sight. I blushed and instinctively tried to hide, but she cleared her throat and I relaxed again.

We floated there for a long while, getting used to the sight of each other’s bodies. It took a very long time, but eventually the tension eased and we began to chat normally. Our conversations purposefully steered away from the topic of nudity or skinny dipping; we both were trying to distract ourselves.

We made our way to the shallower end of the pool and began to play some games. Tag was extremely tiring, for both of us we’re about equally matched in strength and speed when it came to swimming. Eventually we began to play tackling games, trying to force each other under the water in whatever way possible (though never holding each other down for more than a second). More often than not we would “accidentally” touch in arousing ways.

Once we both had tired of the physical exertion of tackling games, we transferred to the hot tub to relax. Alyssa sat down right next to me and scooted over so our legs were in full contact. I wrapped my arm around her waist and she clung to my chest. Her boobs pressed against my side and I stroked her up and down.

We began to chat about more… personal topics. I found out more about Alyssa in that time than I had in the past six months of our friendship. I also felt free to tell her anything, and so it was that I told her things about myself that I had never told anyone before.

We began to get closer and closer until eventually we were making out. And, well… you can imagine where that led.

Alyssa and I went skinny dipping several times more after that, and officially became a couple. To this day, nobody else knows about our adventures after-hours.

Thanks for the new story, Caleb! We won’t share your and Alyssa’s secret!



  1. Benjamin Clingaman says

    Did you and her ever get married?

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