After-Workout Swim

Jake sent this story of his high school days, when he combined work with play:

A few years back, when I was in my last two years of high school, during the summers my parents would have me doing a lot of physical exercises and yard work around the house to prepare me for going into the military.

I often had some decent privacy as my father was working a lot and my mother was mostly busy busing my younger siblings around to other things. We lived out in the boonies, so nosy neighbors weren’t a problem either. My parents were neat freaks who wouldn’t let me go back in the house after I was done with my chores and workouts, until I swam for a bit in our backyard pool. I didn’t mind anyway since living in the Deep South it was a great way to cool off. But my parents made me wear my swim trunks during my chores and workouts so I wouldn’t have to go inside and change.

One day while swimming it finally dawned on me that since I pretty much had the whole place to myself I didn’t have to wear anything while swimming. After checking to make sure there weren’t any odd angles that our neighbors down the road could see me, I decided to ditch my swimming trunks. Once free of my trunks there was nothing between me and the cool soothing feel of the pool water on all parts of my body.

I spent the rest of the morning until noon swimming laps in the nude and even taking a few dives off the diving board. I later even had the chance to lay out and get some sun before going back in for one last cool off dip before putting my clothes back on before my parents returned. This continued a few more times throughout the summer whenever I had the house to myself.

On one occasion I almost got caught when my father got home earlier than I had expected. Luckily I was able to hear his truck pull in the driveway and I had my trunks close enough to tug back on quickly.

I really miss those days, and lately I’ve become less interested in my workouts now that I no longer have access to a private pool anymore, and as a result I’ve gained a few pounds ?.

That’s too bad, Jake! But if you put your mind to it, I bet you could find another way! Thanks for sending your story.


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