All Day Naked

We’re starting to get more stories in, so thanks! Here’s one from Landon that we think you’ll like…

My family was staying in a hotel/condo right next to the beach with a pool outside. The adults announced they were leaving so my cousin and I would be by ourselves all day. At the time, I was 14 and my female cousin was 17.

When we woke, everyone had already left and a note said they would be back about 1 pm that night. After a little bit, she said she was getting in the shower and so I decided to go ahead and take one, too. When I got out, I noticed she was in the living room in her towel so I decided to stay in mine too. After some small talk and TV, she proposed that we stay naked all day. I figured, “why not we are the only ones here?” so I agreed. She said great and then stood up and dropped her towel.

Considering she is matured and is fairly large in the boob department, you can imagine why my penis shot up like a rocket!

She said, “Alright, your turn.”

My face turned red and I said I never agreed to expose myself. She brought up the great point that she could see my boner through my towel so I obviously was open to the idea.

When I didn’t budge, she decided she was going to rip the towel from me which started a big chase. The running made her boobs bounce around which somehow made my penis even harder. She cornered me by the couch and when I tried to run past, her she tackled me onto the couch which put her flopping boobs in my face and I know she could feel my boner on her stomach.

While still on top of me, she ripped the towel off of me and tossed it aside so now my actual penis was sliding across her leg (there is nothing sexual in this story due to us being related) I finally submitted and she got off me.

After a while, she decided to make it interesting (like it wasn’t already) by going down to the pool to skinny dip. I actually agreed since it was completely deserted at the pool.

We put towels around ourselves and went to the pool. No one asked about the towels, luckily. We waited till we were sure no one was on their balcony and then dropped our towels and jumped in.

I couldn’t believe the sensation of having nothing between myself and the water – the pool was heated so it made it even better.

After a little bit, the gate opened. We panicked and swam to the side and put his ourselves against. A hot 15 or 16 year old girl walked in by herself and went to suntan. We realized we would have to wait her out.

After 15 long minutes she stood up and we thought we were in the clear but then she started to head over to us and put her legs in and started a conversation with us.

When we pressed ourselves against the wall she put two and two together and asked us if we were naked. We admitted it with red faces and that’s when she surprised us both by asking if she could join us. We said yeah, she then stood up, slid of her bottoms, took of her top and went and set it with our towels. This again made my penis shoot up like a rocket.

She then jumped in, noticed my boner and thanked me for the compliment.

When we got out to suntan, she asked why don’t we do this on the beach. At first we were skeptical but then we thought about it. There were no lifeguards and very few people on the beach – all of which were around our age so if they noticed, they would just get a good show out of it. So we decided to just do it.

The other girl decided to make it fair and just take her towel with her and spray on suntan/sunscreen. She just left her bathing suit floating in the pool for some lucky guy to find.

We went to the front of the three groups out there and set our towels down. When we stood up to get our sun screen, we got a few gasps and even one “Oh my God!”

When we went to get in the ocean, a girl and her brother came in after us. We decided to play a prank on them. Me and my cousin chatted them up and had the other girl get in position behind them. We pulled them in for a hug and, during that hug, I loosened the girls bikini strings and my cousin got the boys trunks loosened. We then stepped back and waited.

Five seconds later, the other girl attacked. She pulled the girls top off and then went under water and pulled their bottoms and trunks off. While underwater, she passed me the bikini top and my cousin the trunks and she took the bikini bottoms herself and then we took off for shore.

The boy was the first to come out and was doing his best to hide the gigantic boner he had going on. My cousin said he had to put his hands up and slowly turn 360 degrees. He did and got his trunks back. The girl wasn’t being so cooperative.

I felt bad so I went in the water to give her bikini back but she wouldn’t take it. She said she liked being naked in the water and wanted to stay naked.

She then kissed me. I was so surprised but I just went with it and even grabbed her bare butt and put her legs around me. After that, she moved her stuff with us and stayed naked with us. She finally put her bikini back on when we went back to the pool and gave me her number. So we got our towels and headed inside.

We got inside the elevator but the doors closed and took my cousin’s towel with her. We just laughed about it and opened the doors to get the towel but then the doors closed instantly as soon as the towel was free and snagged it again and this time the towel went through, so now my cousin had no cover.

This time we panicked. We had to take stairs and cross hallways until we got to the 5th floor. Me and the other the other girl decided if my cousin was doing it we were all doing it and we dropped our towels at the elevator.

We headed up the stairs when we heard someone coming down the stairs at the 3rd level.

We ran into the hall and hid behind the vending machines until they passed. When we poked our heads out, we saw a maid’s cart far down the hall we sprinted down the hall to get a towel.

We got there when we realized it was out of towels. We then sprinted back to the stairs and finally made it to the 5th floor. We took the other girl to our room since it was closer.

The whole thing was very exhilarating. We ate with the other girl and then watched TV.

During a commercial break, the other girl said I could squeeze her boobs if she could sit on my lap. I said yeah and got to feel a hot girl’s boobs and her bare butt on my skin.

We later took her to her room and got dressed and went to bed.

Now, me and my cousin are still great friends with the other girl and I am in a great relationship with the girl that made out with me so overall a great experience for us all.

That’s quite an adventure. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  1. Sounds like 2 cousins that had amazing time naked together and swimming together with a few people they met while skinny dipping.

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