Almost Got Away With It

Chris sent in this great story about almost getting away with a skinny dip in the family pool:

When I was about 13 I took every opportunity alone to be naked. Mom usually was home when I got home from school, and any time she wasn’t my aunt would be there. So my only real alone time was sleeping naked. But Mom finally decided that 13 was okay to be left alone unsupervised for a while.

One day after school mom called to make sure I got home and said she would be working over a few hours.  Almost immediately after hanging up I was running bare through the house.

I was terrified of being seen so I avoided windows and never went outside when naked. I had the idea to go swimming in the pool out back. We had neighbors across the street but none behind or besides us.

Looking I out the back door I decided to go for it. I sprinted through the backyard and cannonballed into the pool. It was amazing! After splashing around a bit my heart froze–I heard footsteps coming up the driveway towards me. My clothes were in the house and in my excitement I didn’t even bring a towel. I debated if I could make it inside but around then my aunt and younger cousin rounded the corner and spotted me. I pressed up against the pool trying to keep my cool. She told me she spoke to Mom and since I was home alone I could come over to their house for dinner. Thankfully she didn’t get close enough to the pool to see me. She talked a bit about my day and began to leave I felt I was in the clear.

Around that time my cousin loudly announces “Mom I can see his butt!” My cousin had went around to the other side of the pool and had jumped up the side of the pool and got a clear view. I stared straight at the ground as my aunt leaned over me and got a good luck. For what it was worth all they couldn’t see was my front. My aunt giggled and called my cousin to her. She explained to her that so long as it was my house I could do what I want. I begged my aunt not to tell my mom are anyone for that matter. She laughed and said she wouldn’t but lectured me on being more careful.

A week or two passed and mom never said anything so I thought I was in the clear.  We were babysitting my cousin and she had asked Mom if she could go swimming. Mom told her to go and change. My cousin went upstairs then came running down butt naked towards the door. Mom stopped her while laughing and threw a towel on her. When she asked her what she was doing, my cousin told my mom that if I didn’t have to wear a suit to swim she didn’t want to either.

Ha! Busted by the innocence of babes. Well, it’s better to be discovered than worrying about it, right? Thanks for the story!


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