Annual Skinny Dipping Vacation

John sent this travelogue about an annual skinny dipping vacation:

For the last six years my girlfriend and I have spent three weeks camping in Croatia. The first ten days we spend at a small naturist camp site with a good sandy beach, and for the rest we visit a larger clothed beach. At the second site we always stay near the sea, well, about 20 metres away.

The first time we were there, we had been so used to the enjoyment of swimming naked that we set the alarm at 7 am and took the short walk to the sea wearing towels, then swam naked for 10 minutes or so. There are open-air showers next to the sea and we used them after our swim. This became our routine every morning, a refreshing start to the day!

Sometimes there are a few other early morning swimmers and others just getting up for their breakfasts or walking along between the sea and the tents and caravans. Sometimes we chat to them when we get out; nobody seems embarrassed. Occasionally a couple of others have also swum naked, using the small jetty to dive in the water.

The last few years we’ve been getting up a bit later, when a few more people are about, swimming and showering naked as late as 9 am. We don’t bother so much now about covering ourselves with towels while walking to and from the sea. Over the years we’ve met a lot of campers who are there at the same time as us each year. Some of them say they wish they had the courage that we have! The toilet/shower block is about 150 metres away and if I need to use it in the early hours I sometimes walk there naked.

We are looking forward to this year’s holiday!

Living as we do in Munich, we don’t find skinny dipping so unusual. There is a public open air pool complex about 10 minutes walk away which has a separate naturist pool and sunbathing area.

It sounds like I need to visit Croatia! It sound delightful.


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