Annual Streaking Tradition

Marc sends this story about a dangerous tradition. Not exactly skinny dipping, but close enough!

I live in the South, in one of the oldest cities in America.  We moved here several years ago with my company and purchased a house in a very fine, but very suburban neighborhood. Since we moved here I have developed an annual tradition. One night during the summer, I streak around the neighborhood. The reason is that the neighborhood to me has become rather meh. I probably would not live here but for the fact that its a nice place for my kids to grow up.

The first year I did it, was probably the most dangerous. About 1:00 AM, I took my dog for a walk in the nude. We cut across the back of my property and to the pond. Upon entering the clear, we noticed in the distance three people walking casually. We waited for them to go far enough and went on. I decided to make it more dangerous and go the long way home. Sure enough, a car started coming towards us forcing us to sprint. We made it to my street and the car had continued on.

Last year’s version was less dangerous. I had two friends from the Midwest in town and we decided to walk nude from a certain point in the neighborhood home. No cars came near, even as we frolicked doing cartwheels and other variety of things in my front yard. However, we did drop my friends wallet, requiring an expedition to retrieve it the next morning.

This year, I have two more friends coming to town and look forward to reporting on this years adventure.

It’s good to have traditions! We look forward to this years report.


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