any ideas for a summer bucket list?

sexy/fun summer bucket list, for teens and early 20’s girls. stuff like skinny dipping and other fun stuff!
give me as many as you think of!


  1. Here are some crazy/fun (some perhaps more one or the other) summer bucket list ideas for ya’:

    – Go Bungee Jumping
    – Get A Tattoo
    – Play Guitar Hero On Expert
    – Ride A Mechanical Bull
    – Kiss A Stranger
    – Take A Belly Dancing Class
    – Backpack Through Europe
    – Get Six Pack Abs
    – Ride On The Back Of A Motorcycle
    – Wear A Pair Of Pasties
    – Send A Message In A Bottle

  2. Kissing competition – how many boys can you kiss in one night?

  3. Levi Drepshot says

    sky diving!!! (naked) if you please

  4. go camping

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