Anybody know something fun and crazy to do at night?

Me and my friends like to stay up all night doing random things like donuts at 5am or board games til 3, truth or dare, hanging out in the jacuzzi, going tping, going skinny dipping, etc. But we are running out of ideas! What are some crazy or really fun or just really random things we can do?


  1. Okay, this might be lame, but try blasting music in a car if you have one. Be "those people" with the really loud music at the stop light, singing and just having fun with your friends. It’s a good thing to change the pace, an you can just add it while you’re going to do something else

  2. Ding dong ditching is typical but can be fun.. Do you guys drink or smoke because that can be fun too? But I would say egging would be the mos fun

  3. Drink a ton of Mt. Dew, then go running around shooting off firecracker guns outside in your neighborhood at 1 AM. My friends and I love doing that, for sure!

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