Are There Some Skinny-dippers in the House?

I’m looking into trying skinny dipping (when the weather gets warmer of course) and want to know where a good place to do it is. No pool of my own, I’m afraid, and I don’t really want to trespass on somebody else’s.
And if I find a place, should I get a group to go with me? How do you broach a subject like that and get people to tag along?
For the first answer: your link doesn’t appear to work, dude.


  1. Kevin K. says:

    lol go to a nude beach or dare people to go nude to a place.

  2. nakedrei says:

    I go to Lake Travis in Austin, TX. As for getting people to go, I just ask all my friends to come with me. Most say no, but a few have said yes.

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