Skinny Dipping At the Resort

Here’s one we got – enjoy!

I went skiing with some friends of mine – 3 other guys. They are all married and I’m the single one out of the group. They need time to get away from their wives and I like hanging out with them a few times a year to do guy stuff… like skiing.

We were at a ski resort and it was winter – very cold outside. The place had a pool that was both indoors and outdoors. It was warm and nice to be in. They also had a whirlpool and sauna as well.

The first night was a Sunday night and we checked it out after a day of skiing. There were a bunch of other people there – mainly teens. A couple of the teen girls were nice looking. One in particular had a black bikini, which looked great on her.

Anyway, it seemed that after 9pm, the place sort of cleared out.  It was just us 4 guys there for short time. Some other people came there and that was it for that night.

The next day, I was skiing pretty hard. I ended up by myself for the second half of the day and since my legs were so sore, I thought I’d hit the hot tub early. Maybe nobody would be there. I was right. When I arrived, there was nobody there. Unfortunately, after being there just a few minutes, others showed up. I wasn’t about to do anything then.

On the last night, we went out drinking and did shots and everything. It was fun. We then decided to hit the pool and hot tub. We walked in, pretty buzzed, and there was one couple there. They seemed to leave right away and we had the whole place to ourselves for a while.

Since my inhibitions were down, I got a little crazy. I went right out to the outside pool area (swam out there from inside), was by myself, and I pulled down my trunks and did a lap or two naked. After that, one of my buddies came out. I decided it was time for a dare.

It was really cold out – below zero for sure. The deck was frozen in spots and there was snow on the pool chairs. I told my buddy that we had to run out of the pool and sit on the chairs, ass naked, for 5 seconds. He was game. We took off our trunks (me first to show that I was serious), put them on the deck, then ran out, sat in the chairs for 5 seconds (making some noise since it was really cold), and then ran back into the pool  – totally naked. Wow, was that cold!

After that, another buddy came out. We couldn’t get him to do it but I was just randomly skinny dipping. They knew it. I didn’t care. It was outside and there were balconies facing the area but on a Tuesday night, there was nobody there and the steam coming off the pool water was good cover since there was a lot of it,

We went in to the hot tub to warm up and I headed back out to the outside pool area after a few minutes. I was loving the whole situation.

I took off my swim trunks again, put the on the ledge and was just swimming around for a few minutes. It was great. I was by myself.  Very fun.

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