Backyard Summer Soak

Lee sent in this story of a beautiful evolution of skinny dipping with his wife:

The plan to cool down in our backyard started when I saw a Southwest Airlines ad to ‘get away from it all.’ A couple is enjoying what appears to be a lake float on air mattresses, but then the camera pulls away and they are in a kids pool in their backyard.

The next day I bought an 8 foot diameter kids pool and set it up in our fairly private back yard. Then I inflated two air mattresses and that was all it took to get Rose, my wife, out in her swimming suit, a one piece affair.

At first Rose was concerned a wandering neighbor might see us looking stupid floating in a kids pool as we read books and talked. After a week with no neighbors, she started relaxing and enjoying the break from the daily work.

The weather kept getting warmer and Rose switched to a full bikini. We loved floating, reading books, and talking. Our floats usually ended with some kissing.

Another week went by without neighbors and Rose started wearing a sexier bikini which required more lotion application from me. Needless to say I loved her sexier bikini and loved the direction she was moving in.

After a bit of reading and talking, we usually enjoyed some kissing and caressing. It wasn’t long before her top inhibited some kissing and got slid up.

One day, she relaxed and let her ‘mountains’ see the sun. I loved seeing Rose’s copper tanned body with some diminishing tan lines up top in the summer sun.

I was elated with our progress toward skinny-dipping in our 8 foot pool, but when her bikini bottom began to inhibit the kissing and caressing she made me proud of her new found courage as she calmly slid it down; needless to say, I quickly got rid of my confining suit, too.

The floating, reading, kissing, caressing, etc. were memorable times, but seeing her joy and confidence to float in our ‘pool’ and walk around the back yard in her full glory was a true pleasure.

Thanks, Lee! Let us know how this develops over time, okay?



  1. Sounds like an amazing way to spend afternoons in the backyard with little or no clothes on. Enjoying each others bodies. Even if a neighbor happen to get a look no big deal in my book long as its in your own back yard. If they do not like the view then don’t look. If it was me i would not mind the view.

  2. Loved your story. Nothing is better that spending nude time with the wife in the outdoors.

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