Band Trip Skinny Dipping

John sent this story about spontaneously going from showers to skinny dipping:

I’m in marching band and we had to travel to the other side of the state for a competition. The school didn’t want to make us pay for hotels, so we stayed in school gyms near the competition. We had three out of town trips, and for two we stayed in the same school. The first time we were there we noticed that they had a pool, but the door to the pool from the locker rooms was locked.

But the second time we stayed there we found the door was unlocked. We were required to take showers, and during shower time the boys are kind of crazy. We found that the door was open and people started skinny dipping. I myself jumped in. It all culminated with one boy being seen naked from another door to the pool. We thought that the people who saw him would snitch but they didn’t.

Sounds like fun, John! What a great experience and memory.



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