My Beach House Skinny Dipping Experience

Justin sent in this story, showing that skinny dipping alone can be great, particularly on vacation!

Most years my family takes a vacation at a beach house. One year, it had a pool in the backyard. I enjoy being naked when home alone or sleeping, so I figured at some point I would try skinny dipping there. On the first night I decided to take action.

When my parents were about to sleep, I told them I would be swimming outside instead of going to bed immediately. They were fine with it and I went outside. I was nervous that my parents would go outside to tell me something, so I waited an hour to give them time to fall asleep.

After that, I hesitantly took off my swim trunks. This was my first time being naked outside, and the air on my body felt nice. Then I jumped into the pool. At first I was freezing, but after a minute I got used to it. It felt very liberating swimming without the interference of swim trunks. After swimming for 30 minutes, I grabbed my swim trunks, put them on underwater, and exited the pool. After drying off, I went back inside and went to sleep.

I continued to skinny dip for the rest of the nights we were there. I got less nervous as I realized how unlikely it was for anyone else to leave the house, and I took more risks. I did things like throwing my swim trunks farther away from the pool so I’d have to leave the pool to get them, and drying off with a towel before I put clothes on. One day, I left the house naked, bringing only a towel. It felt very thrilling knowing that if anyone came out, I wouldn’t be able to cover up. No one did come out, and I went back inside again still in my birthday suit.

Now that I’m no longer there and my house doesn’t have a pool, I miss skinny dipping, and I hope to do it again someday.

Thanks for sending that, Justin. I hope you get back to a house with a pool soon.



  1. What a nice experience. Nothing more relaxing and a little exciting than secretly skinny dipping.

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