Beach Skinny Dipping

Here’s one we got from a girl, Erica, who was on a vacation. Good story!

Hi, here’s my story since I was just on vacation in the Bahamas. It was my first time that I had gone skinny dipping.

I was with a friend of mine, Jenny. We decided to head somewhere warm since the weather was getting colder where I live. We found a great deal on an island in the Bahamas.

We got there and checked into our hotel and the place was almost empty. We were surprised. I wanted this trip to just relax, so that was fine with me. We headed out to the beach after we got settled and laid out for a while.

I was wondering if this was a sort of place where you could go topless. I didn’t know, so I asked Jenny. She didn’t know either. There weren’t too many people around, so you couldn’t just see what everyone else was doing. Jenny and I talked about it a bit and the more we talked about it, the more we were convincing ourselves to do it but didn’t know if we could. Both of us have rather large breasts, so if we did go topless, it would be pretty noticeable.

We then kind of noticed that out hotel was sort of at the end of a string of hotels along the beach. If we walked just a little ways down the beach, it seemed like there would be more privacy. It was maybe a 10 minute walk. So that was the plan.

When we got there, it was even more secluded than we thought. It was sort of a cove. There were no houses or buildings near by and nobody was walking around that area. We thought that we should take advantage of the situation and found a place to lay out of towels. Jenny was first to take off her bikini top. At first, she covered up her boobs but then let them hit the sun freely.

After a minute and after looking around, it seemed like there was no reaction to Jenny going topless, so then I followed after her. Off came my top and my boobies were free to grab the sun!

About 20 minutes went by and I was really enjoying the topless sunbathing. I headed into the water to cool off since the sun was hot. It felt so good to have my boobs freely in the water. Pretty amazing. I swam around a bit. The waves were hitting my breasts and it felt great. Just then, I noticed that the waves were playing with my bikini bottoms. I was wearing a string bikini and the strings must have loosened up. My first thought was to tighten them up. That’s what I usually would do. But here I am, topless, in the water. Hmm.

So I wondered what would happen if I just let the waves do their thing. Would my bottoms come completely off by themselves? How would that feel? It wouldn’t be my fault if that happened. It’s not like I took them off myself, right?

I decided to swim around a bit with my bikini bottoms loosening up. They actually were staying on pretty good. I was surprised. I then found myself jumping into more waves and being more agressive because I now wanted them to come off! It was getting exciting.

Less than a minute later, I was jumping up and then my bikini bottoms slipped down my thighs and were traveling down my legs. It happened pretty quickly. What a feeling!

I then started swimming and they soon just slid down my legs and totally came off. When they slipped off, it felt so great. Wow! I kept swimming and they were floating in the water and waves somewhere. I then got up and tried to look surprised in case Jenny was watching. She was still just laying out in the sun and might have been asleep.

I enjoyed my skinny dipping in the ocean for about 10 minutes. I did find my bikini bottoms and was just holding them in my hands as I swam around. Again, it was amazing. So I decided to take it further and thought I should get out of the water naked. Just walk up on shore stark naked and see if Jenny noticed. So I did!

I did it rather quickly and now wish I would have just taken my time doing it because there was nobody around at all. When I got back to my towel, Jenny looked up and saw me naked. “Wow!” she said. I told her that they just fell off and decided to go with it. I then put my bikini bottoms back on as I was explaining things.

Jenny said she had never been skinny dipping either. We then decided to both go in the water topless, take off our bottoms and swim around. It was cool.

We ended up doing that every day of our trip!

Ok, good story, Erica! Your writing is very good and descriptive. We like that. We’re glad you had fun skinny dipping in the ocean.


  1. This was a fantastic story! I hope that someday I will feel that empowered and have the opportunity.

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