Bending the Rules!

We got this story in from George:

Many years ago, I spent a weekend break at a lovely hotel with a swimming pool in Somerset, England. It so happened that the weather was particularly warm but I was awaiting surgery and so, much to my frustration, I dared not go in the pool.

On waking up on our first morning at 6am, we looked out of our window to see an elderly gentleman vigorously swimming up and down – completely naked! He was either an exhibitionist or a serious regular swimmer because he did several lengths on his back, so nothing was left to the imagination of any witnesses!

The following morning (Sunday), he did not appear until about 8am, but he went through the same routine again. However, on this occasion, three young women appeared – all in flattering one piece costumes. He promptly got out of the water, but made little attempt to hide his nudity as he dried himself.

What was amazing was that later on, in the afternoon, he appeared at the poolside, but this time wearing brief trunks and was greeted with loud cheers. This time the pool area was heavily crowded, so clearly his morning swims had been witnessed by dozens of people, all of whom had thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle.

There did not appear to have been a single complaint to the hotel staff, none of whom had reprimanded him. Why can’t this state of affairs be more commonplace?

Good for him! Too glad you couldn’t try it, too, but thank you for the story!

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