Birthday Party Ideas!! Turning 15!?

Okay, I’m turning 15 soon and I need a couple of good party games for about 7 people (mixture of boys and girls). We’re not going to go skinny dipping and stuff, but we’re a little old for truth and dare. Any games would be helpful. Thanks.

Atra du evarinya ono varda.
(may the stars watch over you)


  1. Spin the bottle is always fun. But if your friends aren’t willing to kiss each other you can change kissing to something else. Another good game is neck pass. You just put some type of fruit under your neck and you have to get it from the person standing next to you using only your neck. You play until someone drops it. You can also play the same game with a big piece of ice and play u till it melts or someone drops it. Ice makes for much more fun and makes it harder. Card games are always fun. You can play spoons and that game always gets slot of giggles out. Another game I love is thumper. You sit. at a table and hit the edge of the table with three fingers and say what’s the name of the game? Then everyone says thumper. Then one person says why do we play it? To get confused.(that’s the PG version) when you are done saying that you start the game. For example, one person has a peace sign, another has the L for lame sign, another has a fist, and one has a rock on sign. The peace sign person throws their sign to the fist by putting up their sign and the fist up really quickly. If the fist person doesn’t see it they are out. If you aren’t throwing a sign you are still taping the table and you play until there isn’t anyone left.

  2. sweet phrase.
    I always enjoy tug of war, but mix up the teams (not boys vs. girls).

  3. cookiemonster says

    spin the bottle
    dress the boys up like girls always funn
    umm idkktake tons of pics
    have a wii or somthing
    and a hook up room

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