Black skin on Sims 3. (Error)?

I just installed The Sims 3 Generations and every time I start it up it says I have an outdated unofficial mod, even when I removed all of my mods. Whenever my Sims go nude (showers, skinny dipping) the fronts of their bodies and faces have sprite errors and are all black. Anyone have a solution to this problem? Everything was fine in Outdoor Living Stuff.
I updated to the latest patch on this page: this morning, too. Right after I installed the Generations Expansion.
Not sure what happened, but it seems to have resolved itself.


  1. The Sophisticate says

    Yikes… sounds creepy! If you removed the mods folder and it’s still not working, you might need to do a complete reinstall of the game and all expansions. Before you do that, I would try removing all custom content, not just the mods, and see if that works.

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