Brother Learns His Lesson

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long time since the last new story. Life got in the way. But here’s a fun recollection from Danica to get us back on track:

I’m 17 and was inspired by one of your stories here,  Naked Brother. I have a younger brother, Larson, who is 14, and is gay. I don’t know why his boyfriend Nicholas loves him sometimes cause he’s really ungrateful…like 80% of the time. We also have two younger sisters.

Anyway, several weeks before my story really starts, Larson got circumcised. It’s a family tradition, which I wouldn’t want to continue. But he was told he shouldn’t swim until it’s healed. He didn’t like spending the summer without swimming. So around August, it was healed and he begged my dad to let us go to the water park, just a 2 minute walk from the house. My dad btw is a single dad, and he took a day off work just for Larson. My sisters and I though, we’re at grandma’s house. So we three had fun.

My brother wanted to try the new wave simulator. My dad was tired and wanted to rest, but my brother didn’t even care (selfish, right?). So for the sake of my dad, I took him myself. That’s when I suddenly remembered the story I read here, and I really wanted the same for him. As I looked down, I saw that Larson had his suit backwards. So I untied the string that was behind him, haha, he didn’t know. While waiting he was saying how apparently dad doesn’t care about him, which as you read is not true. This got me mad, so I know he deserves it. Larson got in the water, then after a few steps, he tripped when the suit fell to his ankles. He got up, naked, only to realize a few seconds later, and covered up. He hid behind me and so I ran to dad’s house, and Larson ran behind me. My dad was so mad at my brother cause he thought he did it on purpose! Dad soooooo grounded Larson at home.

Larson had only brought a towel to cover up with. As soon as we got home, dad yanked the towel off and made Larson stay like that for that day. And the next too.

Gosh, that’s a little on the mean side, Danica. But sounds like Larson got what he deserved!



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