Buddy’s House on the Lake

My buddy’s parent’s place was on this near by lake and the place was great. They were at the end of a dead end road and basically had a small bay all to themselves. We learned to water ski out there and were over there was much as we could – they had all the toys.

It was just me and him, John (my buddy), there one night and his girlfriend called. He got talking to her and went upstairs with the phone as I was watching TV. They were talking for a good half hour and I got bored, so I went outside. I walked out on the pier and checked out the great view of the lake at night. It was a great, summer night and it was really peaceful and relaxing there. I checked out the temperature of the water and it was like bath water – really warm.

I looked around and of course, nobody was around, so I thought what the heck and stripped down for a naked swim. I went out a ways and was just enjoying the water and really not thinking too much about being out the skinny dipping. It was just me – no harm, no foul.

I stop and look back at the house and pier and something looks different. There’s somebody sitting there watching me. I swim back in and there’s a girl sitting there. I get close and she says to me, “hi.”

“Hi there,” I replied back.

“I’m Sarah from next door.”

“I’m Eric. Nice to meet you.”

It was then I remembered that we’d see these hot girls next door from time to time when we’d be out there getting on the boat. They never came over or anything so I just assumed that they were stuck up or else John’s folks and her folks weren’t too close of neighbors or something. This was one of those girls. She looked great and even smelled great. She was wearing some short jean shorts and a white tank top.

“Are these yours?” she asked as the was holding my boxers.

“Um, yeah. Those would be mine. Why don’t you join me?”

Did I just say that? I’m never that smooth. What the heck?

“How’s the water?” she asked.

Ok, she’s not repulsed by that line I gave her and I guess she wouldn’t be over here if she didn’t want to be – since she never really came over before that I knew of.

“It’s like bath water. It’s great,” I replied.

She stood up and dipped her foot in right in front of me. Even in the dark, I could see her long, tan legs. And those short shorts made her legs look even longer. Yeah, I’m kind of a leg guy if you hadn’t picked that up.

“It does feel warm,” she said and then kicked some water in my face.

She lifted her foot back onto the pier and then her white tank top went over her head. She had a pink bikini top on under it. Her shorts came off and there was the rest of her swimsuit. She climbed down the ladder into the water and swam over by me.

She then said, “Oh, I have my bikini on, don’t I? Could you do me a favor and take it off for me?”

I couldn’t pass that up. She lifted up her long hair so that I could reach around her neck and untie the strings of her bikini top. I then reached around her back to untie the rest of it and then threw it up on the pier. Next were her bikini bottoms. I bent down a little so that I could get to work and was eye level with her breasts. Her bottoms were not tied with a string so I had to pull them down her legs and as I did, she lifted her feet out of them. I put them on the pier and there we were, both naked in the lake water.

We swam a bit and messed around a little, too. It was fun and her body was amazing.

I later went in and told my buddy the whole thing. He couldn’t believe it. He said she always acted stuck up and really never talked to him that much. From then on, when I’d see her there, she’d wave to me and John would just shake his head in amazement knowing what happened.


  1. wow very nice anytime a woman wants to swim take advantage of it 🙂

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