Business Trip with my Secretary

Here’s a story from Tom, a businessman:

About four years ago, we went on a business trip to Hannover (Germany) to a trade show. There was four of us, my 23 years young secretary, two salesmen and me, the owner of the company.

It was a relatively hot spring day in May, and we were enjoying some white wine from the hotel room’s minibar in the patio. Our two salesmen went to bed to be fresh the next morning but Lisa and I enjoyed more wine and got looser and looser.

All of a sudden, I just asked her if she would join me for a swim in one of the many small lakes in the neighborhood. She said, “Sure, why not?”

So we grabbed our towels from our rooms, and jumped into the car, counting on the GPS to get us to a near by pool or lake.

Neither of us had a bathing suit with us, and neither did we state our aim of going skinny dipping.

It took us only 10 minutes to drive to the closest lake. That day, having the roof and windows open could just not chill us enough back at the hotel. We both could sense enormous tension that was building at this point. We were working together for only three months, and yet our conversations were… just awesomely open.

At the lake, neither of us hesitated for one second. Standing right in front of each other, we both undressed almost simultaneously, looking at each other straight in the eyes. We shamelessly observed each other’s bodies from top to toe. Her nipples were stiff from the fresh breeze, my member was hard and fierce.

Having enjoyed mutual views, we jumped into the dark and soft water. We both were not clearly used to the sensual touch of water reaching every intimate part of our sensitive bodies. We first just enjoyed swimming around, and then started to reach out to each other. Our two bodies were exploring, caressing, merging, joining, melting together – all of this without having sex. We were one and still.

As I’m rather skinny, I’m always very cold after swimming. Lisa was just sitting naked on her towel to let herself dry, and I was standing bare naked – I barely covered my shoulders with a towel that was far too small. I were shaking as the dampening water was extracting the heat out of my body. Spontaneously we wrapped ourselves together to minimize exposed surfaces. We laid down together, looking straight into each other’s soul, feeling the central body warmth without any embarrassment.

Inexplicably, even without trying to get more done one from another, there was only the one spontaneous kiss betrayed our mutual feelings.

Half an hour later, we got back to our (single occupied) hotel rooms.

We entered one room, undressed, and warmed ourselves together in bed. Neither of us wanted to have sex, as that’s simply not done considering our working relationship. But we both couldn’t let it to comfort the other. Tensions were just too tight, and tough she tried really hard not to surrender, the harder she ended up coming.

It was the early beginning of our meaningful, four year, amazing relationship.

Thanks to some non-guilty skinny dipping, we’re now having a great relationship aside of our marriages.

Well, it sounds like quite an evening for you both. I’m glad you found a good place to take a dip!


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