Joe sent in this rather charming story of getting caught by the unlikeliest of people:

It was a hot July Saturday the summer I turned 19. I just finished up some work on the farm and decided to head down to the pond for a swim. My parents were gone for the evening, so without a second thought, I was going skinny dipping.

The pond was not far from the house. A stones throw you might say. The pond was awesome. It had a rope swing hanging from a large tree that leaned out over the water, with sand along the bank. A perfect spot to hang out and cool off. We lived in the middle of nowhere, very secluded and private.

I parked my truck on grassy spot close to the water, and left the door open so I could listen to the radio. I stripped down and left my cloths on the front seat and made my way in the water. It felt so good on that hot day.

I took a couple of swings on the rope swing then lounged around in the water soaking up the late afternoon sun. I heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway. I recognized the car right away, it was a good friend of my moms. Another friend was with her, because as they drove past an arm came out of the passenger window to wave at me. There was no reason to panic as they drove on passed heading up to the house to visit with my mom. I figured when they realized she wasn’t home they would just be on their way.

A few minutes later I could hear the car coming back from the house. But instead of going back down the driveway they turned down the road to the pond. “Don’t panic,” I told myself, “they are just coming to ask where mom is, they won’t even get out of the car.” They pulled up beside my truck, got out, grabbed their lawn chairs and a cooler from the backseat and set up in the sand next to the water. Now I could panic.

I made my way to the middle of the pond to try and figure out what to do next. They asked where my mom was. “Gone for the night” I replied, hoping it would convince them to leave. They continued right along with the conversation they had been having. Mostly gossip from what I could tell. I decided I was just going to have to wait them out.

Their conversation came to a close and they turned their attention on me. Asking me the typical questions you ask a 19 year old. College, work, what do you want to do with your life, etc. The conversation relaxed me and I found myself moving towards them until I was less than 10 feet from them, concealed only by the muddy water.

I was having a great time. What a thrill. Then out of nowhere one of the women said, “hey, why don’t you show us how you do the rope swing!” Busted I thought. My heart sank into my stomach. I quickly admitted “you’ve caught me! I’m skinny dipping.” The other woman replied “we know, we saw your cloths in your truck!” I was speechless. I’ve known these women all my life. Now not only did they know I was naked but wanted to see me naked.

The silence broke when one of them asked, “well? How about it?” I don’t know what came over me, maybe I was caught up in the moment but I said “why the hell not!” I came up out of the water. I didn’t attempt to cover myself. They cheered and laughed and clapped as I walked past them. I loved it. So did they. I could feel their eyes all over me as I made my way to the swing and swung in. It was an arousing experience. They cheered for me as I swam back over to them. I came up out of the water again this time with a full erection. Now they were speechless. I paraded passed them again. As I passed by I heard one of them quietly say “WOW!” Followed by whispers and giggles.

I swung a few more times then lounged in the water talking and laughing. It was an amazing experience. They finished their drinks, folded up their chairs, thanked me for the great show and that was that.

I went skinny dipping many more times the rest of that summer but none topped that. It would be a whole year before we would do it again. But that’s another story for another time.

Yet more proof that most of the time our fears are in our head! Thanks, Joe.



  1. To me being naked We are born naked Yes we’re clothing is necessary Same as Wearing shoes To me going barefoot is a great feeling Yes shoes the necessary For Many jobs People see me barefoot yes My feet Will get Dirty I guess I’ll step and bubble gum If I food shopping all This past summer If my bare feet Have a go bathroom We’re in the Men’s Room To more people and Disgusting looks oh my God look at That idiot Barefoot in the bathroom Yes is Dirty Took a piss And yes My bare feet were standing on some piss People don’t understand is your bare feet are very durable you don’t eat With your bare feet you had have more germs Are your hands And your mouth Dirty feet would not hurt nothing The Be Completely naked Should be your right Just like The same of go barefoot Should be your choice that’s my opinion

  2. Joe
    Great story with an experience to remember. I look forward to the following year’s story.

  3. Sounds like a good way to get caught and by someone you knew. Sure they enjoyed the view as they watched you have fun naked in the water.

  4. This story is hilarious! Did your mom ever found out her friends caught you? And what happened the next year?

  5. I hope anyone who reads this story will forgive me. I made it up. It was completely fabricated and I pray for forgiveness.

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