Can Fat People Go Skinny Dipping?

I am sorry to offend you Mike.. I am an overweight person myself.. I was hoping for positve comments instead of all of the outrageous ones that I received.


  1. colorados_lost_rose says

    No, they go chunky dunking!!

  2. jimmythetulip22 says

    No, they go fat dipping!

  3. Sure can !

  4. Robsthings says

    Physically? Yes why not?

  5. Born_in_BRASIL says

    Good one !! Thanks for the laugh !! lol !

  6. roritr2005 says

    Yep, and they make a he l l of a splash when they jump in. The sad part is they do go skinny dipping and most people go blind when they see them naked. Good question!

  7. Yah00_goddess says

    Only if they promise not to do a cannonball.

    Usually I don’t go skinny dipping as a matter of public service.


  8. German_soccer_player says


    thats funny, ummm sure

  9. ya but it is gross

  10. no that is gross

  11. Uncle Heinrich the Great says

    Ha ha ha!! I read your question and like half a minute later I got it. I guess they could, in theory. Wouldn’t be something I’d like to witness that’s for sure.

  12. yes, they just make abig splash.

  13. They don’t skinny dip they Chunky Dunk.

  14. Charles W says

    done it many times yes so can skinny people……….haba huba day

  15. chemicalimbalance000 says

    Sure, you can go skinny dipping if you want.

  16. chevyman502 says

    can skinny people eat at fatburger?

  17. yep

  18. matt83840 says

    Yeah but thiers usualy less people in the pool.

  19. It should be against the law!!

    Its called SKINNY dipping for a reason.

  20. photoguy1959 says

    Well, since skinny dipping means to swim naked…
    then, yes they can…
    What a question!

  21. Sure, as long as there is enough water.

  22. yes why not

  23. LET THE FIRST ONE OF YOU WITHOUT SIN THROW THE FIRST STONE…it makes me sick when i see people making jokes at other peoples shortcomings, everone has some kind of difficulty in thier lifes, something wrong with there body wheather it be nose, feet,face we all fall short in some way. its wrong for people to say such mean things about fat people, we are just as smart as anyone else. people who ask questions like this upset a great deal, its all right to have a little fun with a joke now and then but this is not a funny joke.

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