can you be punished by law by skinny dipping in your own private pool? day or night?


  1. That depends on where you are, but most places if you are visible to your neighbors it is considered indecent exposure. They may have children after all, and if you can’t shield or protect them in their own homes, where can you??? I had a neighbor once that had big picture windows loaded with plants, and she’d water them in the buff…lol. As a kid i thought it was funny, but my mom hated it!

  2. bonjovi-lover says

    no, but y would u want to do that? just make sure that the neighbors dont see.

  3. only if the neighbors see and report you

  4. I think it depends on where you live. If you can be seen by the public, it may be illegal.

  5. paytonzags34 says

    i bet you can in some states as one of those silly laws.. but in general.. i doubt it

  6. says

    Yes if your neighbors complain. Make sure they are gone or get a tall fence.

  7. no. you are in your house!!!

  8. Master Yoda says

    No, because it’s private property. But if your neighbors are complaining, then they’ll probably tell you to keep your clothes on. Your swimming pool is not public, therefore you can’t get in trouble for public nudity.

  9. ofcourse not .and so what if the neighbours see it .
    is that a crime ,or build a fence
    In South Africa i know many people with pools
    and many of them are naked around the pool
    usually in the day

    you people make it sound as if nudity is wrong

  10. i guess you could at day but you wouldn’t want to do it at day.(haha)but i assume you couldnt because your doing it on your private property.just remember dont do it where the neighbors can see you

  11. neading_soccer06 says

    but if u wood do it at night and i hope u have a big fence!
    if u dont have a fence yes!

  12. if your neighbors don’t like you and call the police. they would give you a ticket for public indecency. if you really feel that you want to skinny dip, don’t know why you would, but then get a privacy fence so no one will be able to see you outside of your yard.

  13. Charles W says

    Don’t be an exibitionist! If there are kids next door that can look out, then don’t do it. Be discrete. I think the law has would frown on people who make a habit of going naked in public view or who don’t take precautions to not be seen by their neighbors, etc.

    Frankly, I love the idea of going on the hot-tub or swimming pool naked. I see nothing wrong with it.

  14. Make sure you have privacy screens…if the nieghbors can see, they could complain, and it’s just polite, but other than that strip away!

  15. wythingco says

    I would say no.

  16. amelia2861 says

    You can be arrested for public indecency if you are visible to anyone who is outside of your property…….that is, unless they climb up and look over your privacy fence……

  17. Depends how private you "private" pool is. If people complain, you may get in trouble…but if your neighbours would have to use binoculars to see anything, you should be alright. If it’s an indoor pool, you are of course fine…

  18. yieldtomeneicy says

    how can you be punished for being naked in your own pool..unless your old wrinkled neighbors see you and say thats disturbing…

  19. Florida theme park person says

    I have a tall fence and an indoor pool in case. I would say no because me and my sisters do it all the time during the summer only at nighttime

  20. Florida theme park person says

    I have a fence and an indoor pool in case. I would say no because me and my sisters do it all the time during the summer only at nighttime

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