Casual Skinny Dipping

Liam sent in this story about helping a friend with a nice reward:

This story is from when I was a sophomore in college. I still can hardly believe this happened to me.

Growing up, I had a childhood friend, Marissa, who I was close with. As we got older, I was still close with her family, which was her, her older sister Kelly, and her mother, Carly, who was in her mid 40s. One summer, Marissa and Kelly were each working jobs away from home, so Carly was home alone to run the house. Around July, she had to go in for physical therapy with a shoulder problem, and asked me if I could help her around the house with things from time to time. One scorching hot day, I came over to mow her large lawn for her since she couldn’t do it herself.

After pushing the mower around for hours, I was absolutely drenched in sweat. It was so hot and humid out that my clothes were fully soaked through. I felt pretty gross, and kept eyeing the pool Carly had in her backyard. It looked like it would feel great. But I was done, so I went up to the house to tell Carly. She thanked me for doing it and paid me for my time.

At this point I brought up how much I wished I had a pool like she did, and how nice it would be to jump in it. Carly right away said, “Go for it! It sure is hot out there.” I replied that I wish I could,and that it would have been smart to bring a suit. Then, my heart skipped a beat when Carly said, “Oh, don’t worry about that, just go skinny dipping!” I stuttered for a second to process what she just said, then laughed and asked her if she was serious.

“Of course! Just as long as nobody sees you, it’s a great way to cool off.” I couldn’t believe what she was offering. Then I remembered that Carly and her daughters were very open about body freedom and things like that. They weren’t nudists, but Marissa said that living in a house with just three girls had made them all very relaxed when it came to clothing.

“Well, if it’s alright with you, I can’t say no to that offer,” I said. So I grabbed a towel from the house, and stepped outside onto the pool deck. Standing by the pool chairs, heart racing, I thought to myself, “Am I really about to do this?” Then, before I could chicken out, stripped off all my clothes, and jumped in the pool fully nude.

I had gone skinny dipping before, but never had I done it in the middle of someone’s backyard in broad daylight. The rush was incredible. The cool water felt amazing, and made me immediately forget about the heat of the day. But apart from that, the sensation of the water touching everywhere on my body was amazing. I splashed around, floated on my back, swam underwater, and just generally enjoyed being stark naked in the water. I even worked up the courage to climb out of the pool and jump off the diving board a few times.

Eventually, I looked up and realized Carly had come outside and was in the pool area. I didn’t notice how long she had been there. I suddenly realized I was far away from cover, and that she could see my body at least partially clearly through the water.

“How’s the water?” She asked. I said it was great, and it was exactly what I needed. It was exciting to know that only the ripples of the water were obscuring her view of my naked body. Then Carly said she had put my clothes in the washer a little while ago, and hoped I didn’t mind. She said they were so sweaty she thought I’d want them clean when I came out, saying it should only be about an hour. I said that was fine. I was starting to feel more relaxed about being naked around her.

Eventually, I got out of the pool and dried off with my towel. I walked into the house with it wrapped around my waist and asked Carly if my clothes were done yet. She said not yet, and that I could sit out by the pool and tan if I wanted while I waited. I asked her if that was okay to do naked because of the neighbors, but she said it was no problem. She said that she tans nude out there all the time to get rid of bikini lines, and said I only need to cover if one of the neighbors decides to go outside.

So, back out on the pool deck in the hot sun, I dropped my towel and relaxed on a lounge chair, putting everything on display for the world. I sat out there for some time in my birthday suit, when I heard Carly come outside again. This time, I turned to see her wearing a pretty skimpy two piece bathing suit and sunglasses. Now, I have to admit. Carly was attractive, and I mean VERY attractive. She said she was a bikini model in college, and it showed. She had black curly hair, and had a very nice, fit, body. Her breasts bounced as she walked across the deck. As soon as I saw her, I started to feel myself get hard.

As she approached me, she said, “I hope it’s okay if I come out for a swim too, but I think I’ll be keeping my clothes on.” I laughed and said that was fine, but now that I had a good look at Carly I became fully erect. She saw it right away and said, “Well! Somebody’s a little excited, huh?” I turned crimson red. I said sorry, and quickly reached for my towel. Carly laughed and said it was fine, and said that it kind of has a mind of its own.

“I’ll take it as a compliment,” she said as she got into the pool.

I eventually relaxed and continued to tan in the nude as Carly hung out in the pool. The two of us had a really nice talk about life, college, growing up, and other things. It was overall a really cool experience, and while I was still slightly hard, it wasn’t sexual at all. Eventually I got my clothes back out of the dryer, put them on, and headed home after a day full of memories.

I definitely made sure to help her out more that summer, and fortunately, this was not the end of my skinny dipping adventures at her house!

That’s great, Liam! I’m glad it was a nice, innocent experience.



  1. Nice you had a great experiance like that. I am sure she did not mind at all seeing you in the pool and getting a tan afterwards.

  2. Tell me you and her skinny dipped together,platonically

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