Hot Tub Skinny Dip on Ski Trip

Here’s a hot story we got from Jeremy: Ok, so we planned this ski trip. We were able to rent this small cottage that slept about 12. There were 10 of us on the trip – mostly couples. Well, there were 4 couples. I was single and then there were 3 single girls, too. Since […]

First Skinny Dip Attempt

Here’s a short one from James: I was on vacation with my family in Arizona over Christmas in a hotel. Once after the rest of my family had gotten out and gone back to the hotel room I pulled my swimsuit down to my knees and swam around for about 30 seconds. suddenly I noticed […]

Outside Naked, We Lost Our Suits

Here’s one we got from Craig: When I was about 12 years old, my friend and I were swimming in his pool. He dared me to go down the slide naked.  It was not a big deal because nobody was home and soon both of us were doing it. We did not hear his two […]

In the Pond Naked When the Girls Came By

And here’s a skinny dipping story from Matt who had some unexpected company: A few years ago when I was 24 my family owned a farm with a pond on it. It was great for swimming and my girlfriend and I used it quite regularly. I would go skinny dipping if I was the only […]

Hotel Pool Skinny Dip – Twice!

Here’s one from Ken who got daring at a hotel pool: Well, I was staying at a downtown hotel this summer and it was a very slow day. I checked into my room and went down to the pool on the sixth floor. I first walked around and checked to see if there were any […]

White Thong

Here’s one we got from “Allies” (which we assume is Allie S.): I was about 15 and it was a hot day. I could see a lake so I went to the lake and I stripped down to my white thong. I ended up taking that off, too. I started to swim and then I […]

Caught Under Darkness

Here’s a skinny dipping story from Brandon. We’ve had a few stories from guys lately. Come on girls, step up! So this spring we bought an above ground pool. About 2 weeks after that. I heard my dad go outside for a while. He started saying, “So you’re going skinny dipping.” I said, “No, I […]

The Lake Across the Street

Here’s one from Kurt: Ok, I live in a subdivision that has like a canal/lake going through it. I don’t have access to it but my neighbor across the street does, she’s real nice lady. I’m allowed to come use the lake whenever I want, but now for my story! It was summer and my […]

Skinny Dipping Scare

Here’s a story from Jack: I was about 11 when this happened my parents left me home alone. This wasn’t a big deal since it happens a lot but this time my pool was up and ready so I decided to skinny dip. I went out and into the pool in my bathing suit and […]

Joe’s First Time Skinny Dipping

Here’s a short story we got from Joe: I have had a built-in pool in my backyard with a fence surrounding it for most of my life and had never gotten the urge to swim naked until recently. Yesterday, I knew my parents would be gone for a few hours and decided to take the […]