Condo Hot Tub

At one place I used to live, there was a community building that had an exercise room, meeting room and a hot tub in it. It was nice to use in the winter but I’d often use it in the summer as well. I’d usually go in there later at night and you’d hardly ever […]

Buddy’s House on the Lake

My buddy’s parent’s place was on this near by lake and the place was great. They were at the end of a dead end road and basically had a small bay all to themselves. We learned to water ski out there and were over there was much as we could – they had all the […]

After a Wedding

A buddy of mine got married in the summer. I was single and was looking forward to going to wedding since I knew there would be girls there – some that I knew and some that I didn’t. The wedding was good and then at the reception I ended dancing a bit with a few […]

Skinny Dip Confession

I was living with my parents for a year or two after graduating high school. We sort of had a farm with just a little livestock and that’s about it but it was out in the country with not many houses near by. We did have one next door neighbor. It was just a husband […]