Caught by Grandmother

Here’s a story from Stuart:

When I was seventeen, my parents my parents were away on vacation. My girlfriend came over to the house. We decided to go for a swim and of course without any parents around, we ended up skinny dipping.

We were fooling around in the pool having a great time. When I hear “whoohoo” I look at my girlfriend and I was like “oh crap.” We don’t have time to get out and get our bathing suits on. So I push my girlfriend up against the wall and leaned against her. I’m holding her as if we had been kissing, when my grandmother comes down to the pool.

I look up as innocently as possible and say ” Hi, Mimi, how are you?” She says “I’m fine. I just came by to see how you are you doing.”

“I’m doing well” she says

“Hello Beth, how are you?”

Beth responds looking over her shoulder “I’m fine, Mimi”

Mimi says “Well, I’ll call you later, love you”

“Love you too Mimi”

When she left, we both let out a sigh of relief and had a good laugh. Mimi never brought it up. I’m sure she walked away shaking her head.

I’m sure she did that when she was young, too!


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