Caught in Broad Daylight

Jake sent in this story of the perfect opportunity with bad timing:

A few years ago in the middle of summer my mom wanted me to pick up a sign at a house she recently sold (she is a realtor). I went over there to pick it up and noticed there was a pond at the bottom of the hill where the driveway ended. Not thinking anything of it, I went to knock on the door to see if anyone was home to help me get the sign.

After a minute or so of knocking I figured no one was home. At this point I looked down at the pond again and thought this would be a really great day to go for a swim. However, I had a small problem, I didn’t bring any swim trunks!

That problem didn’t deter me from walking down to the dock and looking around another minute to see if anyone else was around. I finally got the courage to strip down to my underwear and jump in.

The water felt amazing as I was swooning around and eventually got a little more courageous as I decided to throw my boxers onto the dock.

Of course at that minute I see a car pull into the driveway and the woman who owned the house got out. I tried to hide but that was pointless because it was the middle of the day and she had clearly seen my car with a sold sign in the back.

She walked down to the dock and, thankfully, decided to take it easy on me. She threw me my boxers and told me, “Don’t worry. I would have done the same thing at your age.”¬†She was very sweet and did not make the situation awkward at all which I am grateful for.

And I hope she didn’t tell your mother either. Thanks, Jake!

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