Caught in the Hot Tub

Bryan sent along this story of getting caught, but it all turned out okay:

I was staying at my aunts when I was about 16. She was single and liked to go out, and this night wasn’t any different. She got ready while I was on the couch watching TV. She’d come down and ask me if this dress looked good and that dress. She ended up choosing a nice red dress that showed off quite a bit, but she looked amazing. She came over and gave me a kiss on the head and told me not to wait up.

A few hours later I decided to jump into the hot tub. No one was home and I didn’t expect my aunt to be home for a few hours so I didn’t grab my swimsuit. Just went out naked and slipped into the hot tub. I wasn’t in there all that long, feeling all nice and relaxed. Until i heard a horrifying noise…the back door opening and my aunt’s laugh, saying “Hunny, I’m home!”

She looks like she had a few drinks and was feeling pretty good. We are very close, always a nice hug and kiss when we see each other or say hi. But since I was naked it was different this time; I was a bit horrified! She tells me to come out and give aunty a hug. I shake my head no. She insists. I still say no, then she jokingly says “you must be naked in there since you don’t want to give your favorite aunt a hug!” I couldn’t say anything and just turned red. She smiled and laughed.

She slipped back into the house, and grabbed a bottle of wine and came back out. I didn’t have time to get out and get my towel! My aunt then walked over, leaned down next to me and said, “Don’t worry darlin’. I often go nude in there too.” Then she stood up and slipped off her dress.

I couldn’t believe it. My aunt was now standing in front of me in just a tiny pair or panties. She stepped into the hot tube and sat next to me. We just sat there, chatted and sharing the wine.

Went it was time for bed we both got out, not ashamed that we both have now seen more of each other than we have ever thought we would (or probably should!). She looked and me and said “so now do i get my hug?” And she did.

I’m really happy that we had this moment together. It brought us even closer. now we are both not shy about anything at all when we are together.

Thanks for sharing this story, Bryan! I was afraid that it was going to be inappropriate for the site, but it sounds like it was a great experience!



  1. Lucky guy!

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