Caught Naked in the Hot Tub

Marrissa sent us this interesting skinny dipping story:

I have a hot tub jacuzzi outside in my backyard it was late at night around 10:00ish I wanted to use it but instead of putting on my bikini I decided I’ll just go naked so I looked around to if see it was safe to undress.

It was all clear so I stripped down and jumped in.

Shortly after that, my annoying neighbor who was a 40 year old single man, came and asked me if he could join me. I didn’t want to tell I was butt naked so I said, “I’m actually getting out soon” but he insisted he join me.

He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll clean up after you leave.”

He hopped in and made awkward conversation with me. He didn’t notice I was naked as the bubbles covered me from my boobs down but eventually the jacuzzi stop making bubbles. When that happened, I put my hands over my breasts and crossed my legs to cover my junk. He then noticed that I was naked.

He said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you wanted to be in private.”

Jokingly, I said, “Well most people like to have privacy when they’re naked.”

He said, “We should get out now.”

I said, “Sure but just cover your eyes.”

He did, so I quickly put my blouse back on. I didn’t bother to put on my bra, panties and jeans. Instead I wrapped the towel he brought around my hips. I told him it’s safe to look and he just went home.

It’s still awkward for me to talk to him – knowing that he saw me naked but he said he didn’t see anything.

It’s too bad you couldn’t enjoy it alone but at least you got a story out of it!


  1. Was he naked too?

  2. He was in his underwear

  3. i would tell i need some alone time

  4. Was odd he just came over to your own hot tub, I would of told him to leave unless he was invited over you should have the right to be naked in own hot tub and not worry.

  5. cool

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