Caught Under Darkness

Here’s a skinny dipping story from Brandon. We’ve had a few stories from guys lately. Come on girls, step up!

So this spring we bought an above ground pool. About 2 weeks after that. I heard my dad go outside for a while. He started saying, “So you’re going skinny dipping.” I said, “No, I am going to lock the gate.” And so i did.

The next day, I went outside around 11 saying that I was going to take the dog out and I jumped in the pool, took my shorts off, and man did it feel nice. I was a little nervous about the windows and someone seeing me from inside. Then my dog was barking at me so I got out and that was it. It started becoming more regular for me to go out by myself and relax in the water. I think my dad sort of knew and now he bugs me about swimming after dark when I go outside late at night.

Before, I went on holidays I decided that it was “me time” and then decided to strip down, I got into the pool, and man was it a nice night to walk around the yard naked. So now it’s obvious that I like to skinny dip but am nervous about people looking out the window since when I started my mom yelled “WERE IS HE GOING?” So now I have to decide is it worth it to get caught doing?

Well, good luck next time!

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