Caught Under Darkness

Here’s a skinny dipping story from Brandon. We’ve had a few stories from guys lately. Come on girls, step up!

So this spring we bought an above ground pool. About 2 weeks after that. I heard my dad go outside for a while. He started saying, “So you’re going skinny dipping.” I said, “No, I am going to lock the gate.” And so i did.

The next day, I went outside around 11 saying that I was going to take the dog out and I jumped in the pool, took my shorts off, and man did it feel nice. I was a little nervous about the windows and someone seeing me from inside. Then my dog was barking at me so I got out and that was it. It started becoming more regular for me to go out by myself and relax in the water. I think my dad sort of knew and now he bugs me about swimming after dark when I go outside late at night.

Before, I went on holidays I decided that it was “me time” and then decided to strip down, I got into the pool, and man was it a nice night to walk around the yard naked. So now it’s obvious that I like to skinny dip but am nervous about people looking out the window since when I started my mom yelled “WERE IS HE GOING?” So now I have to decide is it worth it to get caught doing?

Well, good luck next time!


  1. Sounded like your dad almost expected you to go skinny dipping. I suspect he may back you on it. Of course, it’s probably been almost ten years since this was posted, but I do wonder what happened next time.

    For any other young person who would LIKE to skinny dip in your pool – try asking your parents what they think. Or, if you’re a guy, maybe just ask Dad at first – girls ask Mom. You may want to approach the topic in a joking manner if you think they’ll probably be against it. But, the opposite might be true. For me, if any of my kids had asked me (I have a son and two daughters), I would have definitely encouraged them to try it because I remember how great it felt when I tried it as a young teen. Many parents may really WANT to go skinny dipping but don’t want to freak their kids out. But, if the kids asked them if it was OK, they’d be relieved, say YES, and then the whole family would be free to REALLY enjoy the pool!

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