Mic sent in this story about a blissful experience, with justice in the end!

It was a hot summer day for a cruise, and I decided to take a route that wound through the mountains, check out some scenery, maybe stop and do a little fishing.

After driving for an hour, I came across what looked like some sort of conservation area. I saw a turnoff onto an old road with an old bridge crossing a river that looked low and had a lot of rocks in it. So I pulled in to see where it goes. There were no swimming and no camping signs everywhere, but I ignored them.

I went about a half mile when I see some pathways down to the river. I pulled over between some trees on the other side of the road and got out of the car and walked down to the river. Nice, lots of trees and although the river was low there were a few pools of water. Not good for fishing. But, no ones around and I thought I might take a dip.

Being new at skinny dipping my thoughts wandered; what to do with my stuff? I remembered my keyless entry on the car. I went back to it and stripped down. What an amazing feeling being nude outdoors. I put everything in the car except my underwear. I walked across the road quickly and down to the river. I hung my underwear on a bush and looked around for like the hundredth time, making sure I was alone.

I saw a pool of water out in the middle so I wandered in, boy, it felt good, being nude out in the middle of nowhere. As I made my way to the pool I saw it was about two feet deep with a large flat rock on the bottom. I laid down in the cool water and let the water gush over me. Man, it was nice. I had never done anything like that before and was really enjoying myself, even getting a little aroused. lol.

After about 10 minutes I hear someone yelling at me. I look over to the bank of the river and there was a guy in a forest ranger uniform standing there waving my underwear at me, yelling for me to come out of the water. I stood and tried to cover myself, as I approached him I also saw that he had a switch in his other hand.

Dam, that hurt.

Thanks, Mic! I didn’t know that rangers meted out punishment like that, but good to get it over, I guess. And still a pretty nice experience!



  1. Andy Shep says

    The reason for the signs could very likely been because of snakes, gators, bacterial contamination or some other dangerous situation. Some water areas even get flesh eating bacteria in them. I am a northerner who road tripped to Florida for spring break in a beater car with bad AC back when I was in College and we saw an inviting place to swim along the way and we decided to nude dude it to get out of the heat. Some guy came driving up on a tractor and we said sorry, it was a hot day and this area was secluded and we thought it would be OK to swim here, and we hoped he didn’t mind. He replied that he didn’t exactly mind but that the area was crawling with rattlesnakes and we should probably think real hard about finding somewhere else to swim. I have been Leary about swimming in the south unless I really know the area ever since.

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