Climbing and Skinny Dipping

Here’s another short skinny dipping story we got a while back:

I’ve been a rock climbing instructor for over 30 years. A good climbing friend I have is named Amy. We had gone down to the Sierras one winter to practice our ice climbing.

After a hard and cold day of ice work, I asked her if she would like to relax at a natural hot spring I knew of. She said, “Sure, let’s go!”

We got to the small bubbling pool after dark and no one else was there. We got out of the car, stripped, and climbed in. We had never been naked with each other before but I had spent plenty of time skinny dipping. I think this was her first time, though. She is an extremely attractive gal and in real good shape, ripped, most folks would say.

She is, however, a lesbian, so nothing happened, unfortunately.

We returned to the hot springs several times that week, and she has since gone skinny dipping with me on other occasions as well. A convert, I think.

Well, at least a good time was had by all!


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