College Girls’ First Skinny Dip

285_2893539Here’s a good one we got from Jill – enjoy!

My friend Amber and I are two college girls. Neither none of us had gone skinny dipping before and we really wanted to.

One hot da,y we went out to these woods that had a clearing with a big pond in it. We went on the hike to it with our clothes on and bikinis underneath. We were both pretty excited and looking forward to it.

When we approached the lake, we noticed someone else’s clothing sitting on the ground at the edge. We looked out in the pond to see a single guy about our age. Amber and I both smiled at each other and we both knew we were thinking the same thing. This was our chance! Our first skinny dip was gonna be even more interesting than we hoped.

We see the guy start to turn around and we quickly snatched all his clothes and got out of sight. We watched as he swam up to the edge and found that his clothes were gone! He scrambled for a bit and looked around, while being careful to stay down in the water. By this time, we had taken our own clothes off and were in our bikinis. With his clothes in hand, we came out of hiding and presented ourselves to him. He was in shock and turned bright, bright red. Amber and I just stood there beaming. We decided that this was a good opportunity for some good old fashion teasing.

“Nice underwear!” Amber said as she held up his boxers like a trophy. He was so red at this point! lol. “Why don’t you come here and get your clothes?” I asked. “I’m good.” He said. Amber and I were both really determined to get this guy standing by us.

She searched his pant pockets and retrieved his car keys! Score! We figured he might be inclined to wait us out and he could still drive back without his clothes. So, we got his car keys as leverage. “You want your car keys? Then come out here and grab them. Otherwise, I’ll be keeping them.”

Amber was so bold. LOL.

Finally he submitted and slowly lifted himself out of the water and onto dry land. At last he was totally out and standing up. He began to walk toward us… so, so red. He attempted to cover up with the hands and arms, but Amber wouldn’t have it.

“Hands up if you want everything back.” She said. He did just that. Hands raised up high, and all full display! I think we both were having a hard time not staring as his penis was rising!

“I’ll tell you what, since you gave us a show, we’ll give you a show.” Amber said.

She gave me a look and I knew exactly what she was thinking. We’re good like that. LOL.

Amber removed her bikini top and I did the same. Now it was his turn to have a hard time not to stare!

Sticking out like a knife at this point, Amber hung her top on his penis and I hung mine around his neck. We then both removed our bottoms and tossed them aside.

At long last it looked like he was finally getting comfortable. “Relax.” We both told him. “What’s your name?” I asked. “Jason.” He said. “Care to join us for a relaxing swim?” Amber asked.

And then we all jumped in the lake and swam around for a while. In the end, he got his clothes and car keys back, and we got our first skinny dip. And quite a memorable one at that.

Now that’s how you do it!



  1. A delightful story

  2. This well written, delightful story reminds me of an incident I heard of but did not witness in which a group of girls a year behind me at high school were swimming nude in late summer near an island in our town`s river, having left their clothes concealed among willows on the main bank, when a group of boys wearing costumes appeared and swam from the main bank for a session on the island`s rope swing, not aware of the girls`presence near the island until the swing had been in use for a while. Finally, sighting the group of girls but seeing only their heads above the water, the boys called out to the girls to join them, not realising they were nude, whereupon all but one of the girls thrashed off in a panicked swim to their clothes hidden on the main bank. In doing so, they provided a good enough rear view of themselves for the boys to realise they were naked. The fleeing girls successfully reached the bank near their hidden clothes and were able to dress without anyone getting a close view of them. The one remaining girl near the island then calmly emerged from the cover of the water under the gaze of the entranced boys, happily displaying her nakedness for all to see, walked up to the boys at the swing and asked to be allowed to use it next. She was a beautiful little 13-year-old girl with short blonde hair and a trim figure. Shocked by her boldness, the boys ushered her to the best position to use the swing, one of them handed the end to her and gave her a push and off she went hanging by the arms. When the swing came back to its take-off spot, the girl gracefully dropped off onto solid ground as one of the boys caught the rope, then the grip was handed back to her and she was given a push and off she went again. It seems the process was repeated several times, the boys raptly enjoying the glorious sight presented to them, until the girl released her hold on the rope at just the right moment to allow her to fall into the river as far as possible from the boys and quickly swim to her now-dressed watching girlfriends who were holding her clothes ready to be handed over to her.

  3. I remember the name of the girl on the swing mentioned in my last comment. She lived several blocks from me. She was a beautiful girl. I had a friend living near my home who was going steady with her the following year.

  4. One day see a girl skinny dipping at baltonsborough

  5. I HAVE TAKEN NOTE of Gary`s comment. I have done some checking to try to identify the place to which Gary has referred. I have found mention of a village called Baltonsborough in County Somerset in the south-west of England which appears to be about 20 miles north-east by rail from the town of Taunton. I am at a town in the State of New South Wales in Australia. It seems Baltonsborough is on the River Brue, which apparently reaches the coast at Burnham-on-Sea. I have come to the impression that Baltonsborough is about 40 miles from the sea according to the river`s flow and not much above sea level. // REGARDS, Jansen

  6. One day I see a girl skinny dipping at west bay on my birthday and I went in with her naked and have sex on the beach

  7. I WILL SET OUT SOME COMMENT arising from my reference on 23rd April to the town of Taunton in County Somerset in the south-west of England. Taunton happens to be the birthplace of the actress Jenny Agutter who memorably skinny-dipped in the 1971 film “Walkabout”. Filmed in the beautiful scenery of the Northern Territory in Australia, “Walkabout” gave the world a segment of views of Jenny Agutter`s 18-year-old charms as she swam naked in the deep, clear water of a large rock pool in an outback gorge. She was a good swimmer. The views of the slim, brown-haired Jenny Agutter in the “Walkabout” swimming segment were interspersed with footage showing an infant boy credited as Lucien John playing the part of the girl`s much younger brother silently watching the swimmer from the top of the gorge. The boy was actually Luc Roeg, son of the film`s director Nicolas Roeg. The swimming sequence was also interspersed with cuts of a young Aboriginal man played by David Gulpilil hunting game and setting up a campfire. The film was about a teenage Sydney schoolgirl and her little brother who became stranded in remote desert as a result of a deadly family incident and were befriended by the young man played by David Gulpilil, apparently also 18 years old at the time. Jenny Agutter and David Gulpilil ( wrongly referred to as Gumpilil in the “Walkabout” credits ) have since appeared separately in various films. // REGARDS, Jansen

  8. Taunton is 20 minutes to baltonsborough

  9. Today I see a girl skinny dipping at wsm.
    From Gary

  10. Weston-super-Mare?

  11. On Saturday night me and my friend want to go skinny dipping at the sea side

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