Community Pond

Pat sent in this story about a bit of risque behavior:

It was the middle of the summer, I was bored and wanted to do something exciting.

While my parents were away for a few days, and it was just me and my siblings at the house, I snuck out. I live right next to the community park, which has a large pond in the middle. So in the middle of the night I left my clothes at the door, and ran through my yard into the brightly lit park. It was such rush to feel the wind against my naked body!

When I got to the pond, I stepped through a few feet of mud and shallow water before getting fully submerged. It was incredibly warm and exhilarating to be under the cover of darkness, completely naked, and surrounded by houses, knowing someone could see me.

I swam out the middle of the pond, where I saw a group of neighbors having a bonfire at the pond. I dove down and quickly, silently swam back (what a thrill). Then I ran back out into the now cold air, and back home completely naked. I would do it all again!

I bet you would, Pat! Nice way to spend a pleasant summer evening.


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