Condo Hot Tub

At one place I used to live, there was a community building that had an exercise room, meeting room and a hot tub in it. It was nice to use in the winter but I’d often use it in the summer as well. I’d usually go in there later at night and you’d hardly ever see anyone else there. It was like it was never used.

They wanted to start saving money on the electric bills I guess, so they installed these timer switches on everything in that building. On the hallway lights, on the light in the hot tub and on the timer to turn the bubbles on and off – actually, I think that timer was there already. Anyway, these timers were everywhere. You’d walk in to the building and the lights would come on. It was a motion sensor or something. It seems the maintenance guy would change how long they would stay on from time to time since those timers never seemed to be consistent. You didn’t know what to expect.

I was in there late one night because I couldn’t sleep and then, almost like clockwork, the hallway light went out, then the one in the tub a few seconds later. Within 20 seconds, it went from fairly light to pretty much pitch dark. I knew that if someone came in the door, the light would go on, so what the heck? Might as well enjoy it and strip down. I pulled off my swim trunks and enjoyed a skinny dip in the little hot tub there. Not bad.

About a week or so later, I went in again – about the same time. The lights seemed to stay on a bit longer. I put my head back to relax and I closed my eyes. It was nice. All of a sudden, the door was being unlocked and two girls came in. Now, that particular place had a number of hotties running around. It was a great place and these two were part of that group. They were wearing their bikinis and smiled at me and said hello when I saw them.

We made some small chit chat and they were actually really nice. We were getting along fine. It wasn’t a very big hot tub, so having us three in there was about the maximum capacity but I didn’t mind. Within about 10 minutes of them walking in, it happened again. First, the hallway lights went out. It seemed to surprise these two girls a bit and we laughed about it. Then, in about another minute, the lights in the tub went out and we were all there in the dark. We laughed again.

“Well, you know what that means?” said the one on the left.

There was a pause, so I said “What?”

“If the lights go out, the suits come off!” she said back to me and they both laughed.

I found out a few seconds later that they were serious. They both stood up and took off their bikinis. There were tops and bottoms flying everywhere. They got back and in and I heard one of them clear their throat with an “Ah-hem” apparently directed at me.

One of them said, “Come on, you have to play, too!”

I don’t know where they were getting these rules from but I really didn’t mind at all. I thought it would be fun to play by my own rules though, so I said, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Play fair! We got naked, so you do, too!” the one on the right said to me.

“No, I’m good,” I replied back.

They started to insist and said, “We’ll make you if you don’t!”

So now they were playing right into my hand. Before I knew it, I had four hands on the waist of my swim trunks and they were trying to pull them down. I was doing my best to keep them where they were but was also having a lot of fun with the experience. I finally gave in and they pulled my trunks off. They cheered and waved them around in triumph. They were thrown against the door and stuck to the handle. It was hilarious.

Since the tub was small, pretty soon there were hands and naked body parts everywhere.


  1. And then …

  2. Did it get hotter

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