Converting the Family

Tony sent in this story about converting the family to skinning dipping:

Two summers ago we had a pool party at our house. Nandy’s Aunt Berenice and her husband Juan were amongst our guests. They didn’t stop by very often and they had not been to any pool parties at our house.

It was a family party. The kids were in and out of the pool, the guests were mingling, I was manning the grill, and Nandy was taking care of the drinks.

As the evening began winding down the kids started getting tired and went inside. It was about 9 pm by now and the remaining adults were just hanging out by the pool sipping on some alcoholic beverages.

Aunt Berenice commented that Nandy and I had been such good hosts and that she had not seen us get in the pool even once. My mother in law Ofelia chimed in saying that it was because we are nudists and it probably wouldn’t make some feel comfortable. Aunt Berenice asked if this was true. Nandy proceeded to tell her that yes it was true and that many times we have mixed company over for some skinny dipping. Berenice asked the typical questions. Was there jealousy, embarrassment, etc.?

We told her it was no big deal and that she should lighten up and try it. She said she had thought about it before but didn’t think she would be able to go through with it. Ofelia told her that she had been to many of our parties to which Berenice gasped and asked her if she was crazy.

After a little friendly razzing from the rest of the guests she said she would try it but only if Ofelia went first and that Juan had to do it too. He said he was all for it. Ofelia and Nandy quickly stripped off their clothes and I followed suit, or no suit in this case. Juan got naked and jumped in as well. Berenice hesitated a bit and just went for it. She hurriedly took her clothes off. The rest of the guests (two other couples and one of Nandy’s female cousins) eventually got in with us.

The rest of the evening was spent just relaxing in and out of the pool completely naked. Berenice did state that she didn’t know why she didn’t do this before, and uttered the words, you guys have converted me. Since then Juan and Berenice often joins us for pool parties and Berenice is usually the first one naked.

Thanks, Tony! It’s great that your extended family now have a new, fun way to spend time together!



  1. Sounds amazing. Famlies that are comfy skinny dipping i feel is amazing way. Long as your all comfy with your bodies it is not a big deal.

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