CRAZY, FUN, and Good ideas to add to my summer bucket list!?

Ok so i am a 15 year old girl looking for things to do this summer! I have heard the whole "skinny dipping and dance all night" ideas but those are so been there done that! i want something NEW, CRAZY, and Originalllll.:) something i will never forget! if you could…please list a few! i want 150 things that are exciting and reasonable. i cant go out of state or spend lots of money! Thanks so much!!!!:)


  1. SylvrStorm says

    1) Stand on a pedestrian overpass over a busy street or freeway and wave at the cars. Sounds goofy, but it’s way fun seeing how many people wave back (lots do!), and semi trucks will often sound their horns for you.

    2) Borrow a video camera and make a funny video with your friends. Post it on YouTube if it’s not too embarrassing.

    3) Join a flash mob. (If you can’t find one in your area, organize one yourself!)

    4) Find a really busy area and hand out pennies to random strangers. You’ll get *lots* of interesting reactions from people, and you could do this for over an hour for under a dollar. You could make it more interesting by saying something as you hand them out, like, "Did you get your lucky penny today?" or "You’ve probably lost a penny sometime, somewhere. I’m here to make it up." or, "I found this in your sofa."

  2. whale watching!

  3. Matt Fisher says

    Rock climb

  4. Check out my blog, Gone With the Summer, for some bucket list ideas (:
    Happy Summer!

  5. i have the same problem ! me and my friend are making one and so far we have
    1.body painting ourself
    2.go streaking at night
    3.teepee houses
    4.get a kiddie pool fill it with mus and mud wrestle
    5.destroy a watermelon
    6.pull an allnighter
    7.egg cars a car
    9.have a lemonaid stand
    and thats it so far lol hope this helped

  6. 1. Go on a trip with no luggage
    2. Meditate for 4 hours straight
    3. Cut your own hair
    4. Have sex on the beach
    5. Have sex in a pool
    6. 69
    7. Give blood
    8. Bungee jump!
    9. Steal a road sign and put in your room
    10. Find a speed limit sign and use white paint to cover the s and the d
    11. Get drunk 5 days in a row
    12. Go out dressed in woman’s clothes and act out your idea of a female
    13. Draw on a past out persons face for fun
    14. When going shopping for grosarys steal someone else trolley
    15. Moon out of a car wondow
    16. Pierce your nipple
    17. Drink yourself stupid for the St.Patrick’s day
    18. save a certain amount of money a week
    19. learn a musical instrument
    20. Go on a trip across at least 10 locations in one day.
    21. Volunteer
    22. Run up an escalator the wrong way
    23. Climb to the top of Rangitoto
    24. Tour new Zealand north and south island
    25. Dye Your Hair
    26. Be an extra in a film
    27. Drew your own beer
    28. Grow a beard
    29. Streak at night
    30. Skinny dip
    31. Body paint yourself
    32. Egg someone or something

  7. kierstan shelton says

    -go canoing
    -jump off a cliff
    -skiney dipp
    -try a new crazy food
    -get a car
    -get a crazy tan
    -get in shape
    -make a extreemly large pizza
    -get a belly button peircing
    -get random ppl to sighn your shirt
    -leave a note on a strangers car
    -tag random ppls car with window chalk
    -go mudding
    -stay up for 3 days straight
    -wright a song
    -go camping without a tent
    -buy a bunny suit and jump out of the -woods at a party and scare the shit out of people
    -have a watergun drive by
    -be a yes girl for a whole week
    -get a tatoo
    -pretend to have super powers all day
    -jump off the bluff in jasper

  8. well……. i jumped off a roof pretending to be mary popins

  9. check out my bucket list at !!

  10. have a bondfire on the beach

  11. put blue gatorade in a windex bottle and drink it in public places

    order a diet water at a resturaunt

  12. heeellllennn says

    be in a flash mob.
    swim from island to island.
    throw a dart on a map, and travel to wherever it lands.
    run across your favorite football teams field.
    go mudding.
    be in the same room as Justin Bieber while he’s drunk.

  13. ★get 50 hot guys #s
    ★shaving cream war
    ★make a scene at Walmart
    ★have a scavenger hunt throughout your whole town
    ★flirt with someone of the same sex
    ★stand on a busy street w/ a sign saying “honk if I’m hot”
    ★water gun drive by
    ★star wars battle in a park
    ★tie dye day!
    ★take random pictures with unaware strangers
    ★ding-dong-ditch your whole neighborhood at once
    ★body paint
    ★sleep under the stars
    ★tag your exs house windows with window chalk
    ★night fishing
    ★fill a shopping cart full of tampons and condoms and walk around for an hour
    ★forth of July party
    ★have a picnic on your roof
    ★camp in a park
    ★paint nails differently for 7 days straight
    ★leave a note on a strangers car
    ★wrap your exs car in plastic wrap


  14. These are some things from my summer bucket list:
    1. Shop ’til you actually drop.
    2. Run around a crowded area wearing a cape and yelling, “Superman to the rescue!”
    3. Dance with a top hat and cane in the middle of the street, WITHOUT getting hit by a car.
    4. Have a meltdown on a kiddie ride at an amusement park.
    5. Loiter under a sign that says, “No Loitering”
    6. Serenade a random stranger with a song.
    7. Go to a park and talk to the trees.
    8. Pretend to be a ninja for a day.
    9. Stand on a corner wearing a shirt that says “Life” and hand out lemons.
    10. Walk up to a guy, say, “I’ll always love you” while staring deeply into his eyes, then walk away while trying to keep a straight face.
    11. Find an unlocked car and sit in it until the owner comes back.
    12. Wear nothing but a swimsuit all day.
    13. Go zorbing!
    14. Pretend it’s Halloween, and see if anyone gives you candy (it’s worth a shot!)
    15. Do everything (walking, talking) backwards for a day. Try having backwards meals – dessert first.
    16. Put a blank message in bottle.
    17. Take a bitchslap for money.
    18. Organize a flash mob.
    19. Spam someone’s driveway with chalk.
    20. Stand under a window at a random house and yell, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

  15. paint yourself silver or gold and go stand in an area with lots of statues. then when people walk up put your hand on the shoulder or something.(some people scream)

  16. 1. Have a paint war.
    2. Have a naked shaving cream fight.
    3. Visit a nude beach.
    4. Have a Hawaiian themed party.
    5. Body Paint
    6. Buy the skimpiest bikini that you can find.
    7. Wear a bikini all day everywhere
    8. Do a bikini car wash
    9. Paint your sidewalk with chalk or paint
    10. Stand nude in you driveway and spray every car that comes by with a water gun.
    11. Run in a marathon

  17. *go to the party with random people
    *go to the beach at night and swim fully naked with people you just met.
    *ride a bike with your bff all day
    *buy strange things you would never buy..
    *run in to the water fully naked holding hands with all your friends
    *go to the beach with friends and compel your girl friend to take all your boy friends clothes and towels
    *play a Hide and seek in the wood at night
    *make a sleepover in a small place with friends and random people
    *play basketball (for girls)
    *take a photos of drunk or high (and so on) sleeping friends.
    *climb into the largest tree you know.
    *play a beerpong
    *talk about periods or something awkward with boys (girls).
    *take a photo with beach lifeguard
    *spend all night strolling around your town and try to skip police.
    *wear your boy friends clothes all day (t-shirt, sweater. NOT trousers or boxers ;D just sayin’)

  18. Go to a public pool and jump off the high dive, when under water rip off your bakini and climb out nude act shocked and embarrassed only of some one acts, make it look totally natural

  19. -Spend 72 full hours nude
    -Get really drunk while nude
    -Hug your best friend in a public place and gently untie all of her bakini strings take hers off and run, later when she’s upset or mad take yours off throw it in the air and walk around nude too.

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