Crazy summer bucket list ideas?

alright now i dont want to make some fruity little bucket list like "read a book" or "watch a scary movie" or "go camping"
i want some crazy fun stuff. heres what i come up with so far but i think i might delete some of it(im 16) PS i dont mind if its slightly ilegal

1-Jump off a cliff (50 + feet)
2-Explore insan asylum
3-jump off water fall
4-stay up 48 hours
5-Paper airplane off mckay bridge
6-Skinny dipping
7-go streaking
8-Murk someones house
9-pool hopping
10-rocky movie marthon
11-teepee a house
12-Egg a person
13-drive a bike off a dock
14-keep this playing all night, volume on.
15-go to the buskers hammered and spit some wicked game
16-walk around with a free hugs sign
17-Hookup with random chicks at parties
18-get a cockburn drive sign
19-Get a fake mustache and try and buy alcohol
20-road trip
21-listen to full elton john discography
22-get a tattoo?


  1. duke442games says

    Don’t forget to go parachuting, bungee jumping,

    You can also add in some mundane but fun things

    watch a minor league baseball game
    go swimming at the YMCA
    take a kick boxing class
    go to a concert
    prank phone call
    go to the movies on opening night dressed as a 2nd or 3rd tier character/ the ending credits
    Cook out for 100+ people

  2. just some ideas, some might be ilegal but u choose whats best for u,

    -Get drunk
    -Smoke OR Try weed (depending on if u have done it b4)
    -Punch someone randomly, (that u dont know)
    -Stay out of ur house for 48 hours,
    -play video games for 48 hours STRAIGHT!
    -listen to the barbie girl song for 3 hours straight
    -go to a carnival and RIDE WITH A CARNY! (i did that lol)
    -(AT THE CARNIVAL) go up to a cop working there and give him enough tickets to go on the best ride once..
    -tell a friend that u are moving and make up a story about it
    -throw a party and get the cops called on u for doing NOTHING at the party.. (as in have a neighbor or someone call the cops for no reason when u have like 15+ friends over, its funny if u make up a story to the cop, or preplan it without ur friends knowing)

    those are a few ideas… idk lol but ya have fun with those. if u try some u can thank me lol 🙂

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